Anaphylaxsis & Epinephrine

Learn more about Anaphylaxsis & Epinephrine

Once you have viewed our free video course on this subject, you can further your knowledge and verify it through testing.

Level 2:
ANA/EPI-review & self test: Second level course
Intended for people who would like more in depth knowledge.
Document and slide presentation with a written test so they know if they are competent.
After studying these two courses, you can test your knowledge on a test with answers explanations until you get 100%.
Once you receive a passing score on the test, you can feel more comfortable that you can better handle an Anaphylaxis Emergency.

Level 3:
ANA/EPI-professional testing & certification: Certification that meets most current state level requirements.
30+ states now have some sort of requirement on EPI delivery by the public.
You must pass a written test of knowledge and visual aspects of actual use to receive a printable certificate and wallet card.