2 Day WFR Recert or AWFA 40 Hr Blended Course [dual certs same class]

This dual purpose class gives the non WFR an AWFA and Recerts most WFRs

ONLINE 6 lessons of reading, powerpoint and videos with 6 online quizzes
PLUS 2 days of mostly skills IN-PERSON: Take 6 lessons online at your time and pace.
Then, 2 days in-person to complete the training.

Dates / Locations: Various - see below.
Class day is 9 hours,  bring lunch. Adult CPR & AED is additional hour after class ends

CPR/AED option is available for $15 thirty days in advance or $25 later. Bring cash if this is desired. YOU MUST REQUEST STUDY GUIDE EMAILED ASAP and be prepared to pass test 1st time or $15 extra fee to retake exam.

This class is the closest to the Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and exceeds all entry level camp staff requirements, Boy Scout leaders and even basic guiding needs. The serious student can make this a 48 hr class with the addition of 8 additional hours of on line learning at no additional cost.

Dates / Location: 
Jan 27-28, 2018, S. of Golden, CO
Feb 17-18, 2018, S. of Golden, CO