The Course in Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine

NOTE: This course work and testing is all under construction - coming soon.

1. ANA/EPI-edu: Introduction level FREE 15 minute video course presentation with: background of
signs and symptoms,  with treatment, with use of  three different brands of  EPI auto injectors.

A video based presentation on Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine.

For information sharing only. There is no test and no certificate.
The video has been completed and is being loaded on this site.
It is the full professional version of the sample shown on YouTube.

2. ANA/EPI-review & self test: Second level course 
Intended for people who would like more in depth knowledge.
Document and slide presentation with a written test so they know if they are competent.
After studying these two courses you can test your knowledge on a test with answers explanations until you get 100%
Once you receive a passing score on the test you can feel more comfortable that you can better handle an Anaphylaxis Emergency.

3. ANA/EPI-professional testing &certification: Certification that meets most current state level requirements.
30+ states now have some sort of requirement on EPI delivery by the public.
You must pass a written test of knowledge and visual aspects of actual use to receive a printable certificate and wallet card.


- discuss the options available to the student
- link to (embed) the promotional YouTube video
- paragraph about each of the 3 courses offered and which to choose
- discuss current knowledge on what states are regulating / requiring
- Embed the actual video of the introductory course (level 1)
- links to the store to purchase level 2 and 3.