Professional Outdoor Medical Educators (POME) Evaluation

How to determine the Quality of the Outdoor Medical Educator Provider

Questions to ask that help reveal the quality of the Outdoor Medical Educator
30 questions to ask your Outdoor Medical Educator
Scoring:  1 point is given to each "YES" answer
25+ points Highly recommended
20-25 points Recommended
less than 20 points Unable to recommend

  1. Is training recognized in writing by at least 3 state or national sources?
  2. Do instructors have a state EMS instructor designation?
  3. Is the school at least three years old?
  4. Are classes state approved in at least their "home" state?
  5. Are instructors at least trained to EMT level?
  6. Do all the instructors have a credible outdoor background?
  7. Does the director have a strong medical background which includes membership, with some active involvement beyond dues paying, in at least 3 medical organizations. Is he full time in the school?
  8. Is there a Dr. who acknowledges medical review?
  9. Is training recognized in writing by at least three national groups?
  10. Has the director been a member of WMS for at least 3 years?
  11. Are here at least 3 lead instructors, each who has at least 3 medical instructor designations from groups other than there own? If there is only one instructor, is there a written "teaching assistance" agreement with two other instructors?
  12. Will at least 3 other schools recertify this school's students?
  13. Are there an average of at least 3 classes held per quarter?
  14. Does the school offer recertification courses and have a published list of schools whose courses they will in turn, recertify?
  15. Are ALS skills and course offered and monitored by a Dr.?
  16. Have senior instructors served an apprenticeship in this, or another wilderness medicine school, under someone other than themselves?
  17. Do all instructors have company manuals?
  18. Are student manuals or packets used in all courses?
  19. Does the school have general, liability insurance?
  20. Is there a designation between entry level and experienced instructors?
  21. Is the school a legal entity?
  22. Is the school affiliated with a college or hospital during the previous 12 months.
  23. Is a learning objective manual available for purchase, for clarification, by the students?
  24. Does at least the director carry professional liability insurance?
  25. Is their WFR or WEMT module at least 68 or 54 hours, respectively?
  26. Does the school have a published book on wilderness med. or rescue?
  27. Is the instructor, student ratio 1 to 13 or less with a max size of 26?
  28. Do all upper level instructors have at least one year patient care experience, preferably wilderness?
  29. Do lead instructors have at least 5 hours biannual wilderness medicine training?
  30. Do all instructors have a least 5 hours biannual instructional skills training?

POME Member agreements

  1. Only Wilderness Medicine Schools may be full members having 1 vote.  Individuals may be non-voting associate members.  Schools must have been in operation for 12 months.
  2. All Pome members will teach a minimum of three wilderness medicine courses a year of at least 24 hr in length.  They will become non voting associate status at the end of any 12 mo period from their membership inception if this is not met.
  3. All Pome members will score at least 20 out of the above 30
  4. Use a minimum of 24 hr every 2 yr. for recertification of WFRs and WEMTs
  5. All members have WMS WFR as their minimum learning objectives
  6. All have 68 hrs as min WFR length
  7. All agree to offer to recertify students of other POME members with minimum of hours set by graduating school or theirs which ever is higher.
  8. All follow Prehospital EMS guidelines
  9. First time school membership fee is $50 for first year.  Renewal full membership fee is $75 for 3 yr.  Associate first year fee is $30 with 3 year renewal at $45.
  10. Annual update mailing
  11. All changes voted upon by membership until membership reaches 30 then board of 5 will do projects bringing them back to the membership (2 elected even years, 3 elected odd years)
  12. Carl Weil to be executive director for first 5 years, position then filled by nomination and vote of members In case of his incapacitation position to be filled by general membership if he is unable to appoint a successor for the remainder of his term.

Benefits of becoming a POME Member

  1. Obtain group buying power starting with professional liability insurance.
  2. Offer recertification opportunities for you students thru other schools for students not in your area.
  3. Provide a procedure and quality control for recertificing students thorough other schools.
  4. Provide a referral service of location and school qualifications.
  5. Provide a forum for development of professionalism in Wilderness Medicine Education.
  6. Provide a forum for development and discussion of topics in Wilderness Medicine Education
  7. Provide a professional recognized sanctioning body for Wilderness Medicine Education.