Survival / Essentials Kit

Survival / Essentials Kit

Survival / Essentials Kit

If, while giving emergency care, you are stuck on the unexpected night out this kit
with the 3 options will give you comfort physically and
mentally to know you have more preparation.

The kit includes all of the following:

Led light on cord by Princeton Tec
Signal Mirror
Small Locking KA bar Pocket Knife
Pencil With Duct Tape
12 Feet Of 550 Cord
3x5 Card
Magnesium, Flint, and Steel Fire Starter
2 Large Safety Pins
Liquid, illuminated Compass
200FT tested Waterproof Bag
4 - MP1 water purification tablets

The Basic gives you 5 of the accepted 10 outdoor emergency essentials Plus 7 more of the "non essential essentials".  By adding the first 3 options for 38$ you have 7 of the 10 essentials and 7 of the nonessentials in a durable handy pouch.  Just add extra food extra water and spare clothing to your pack and you are set for a well prepared outdoors trip.  You are now able to better handle what problems you may encounter.

We suggest you take a survival class as well as a wilderness medicine class so you can use these tools to their maximum benefit.