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wilderness medicine training since 1967
National Geographic listed "eight tools to save your hide abroad" and said in the May adventure issue: "Get your facts straight with the new wilderness first aid reference book from Wilderness Medicine Outfitters-Quick Reference Backcountry Medical Care"

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Wilderness Medicine Classes Since 1967 - Your Location or Ours (see schedule below)

Many Class Options. Private Individual, Your Company, or Public Group
Wilderness First Responder WEMT Module (9 day or 2 nights for 6 weeks)
Wilderness First Aid Basic: 8-16 Hrs - Intermediate: 24 Hrs - Advanced: 32 Hrs
Distant Learning Now Available! - WFR Recertification/WFA Modules
Unique & Specialty Classes Remote & Foreign Travel Medicine
Instructor - Outdoor Leadership - Leave No Trace Trainer - Solar Self Sufficiency - Camp Skills - Map & Compass GPS
Outdoor Arts - Outdoor Survival Skills - Archery & Firearm Familiarization
Medical Supplies - Unique & hard to find items (Basic and Advanced)
we may substitute brands based on availability

manufacture varies based on availability

Solar sales and installation

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Class Class Description Class Location

Aug 6 - 14, 2016
8:00am - 5:30pm

WFR Course / WEMT module
9 Day Saturday thru following Sunday 8:00am - 5:30 pm
On 130 acre conservation easement- camping option

Elizabeth, Colorado

16 hour WFA 27-28 Aug 2016

16 Hour Wilderness First Aid
option CPR/AED
option 16hrs online + 1 Day

Elizabeth, CO
May camp on location
$10 site fee

Wed through Sun, September 21-25  2016.New fall opportunity.

Wilderness Advanced Life Support (WALS)
5 full days. Wed - Sunday.
8am to 5 pm each day.
The advanced class

Denver, CO (Westminster)

Wilderness First Aid
12-13  September 2016

Wilderness First Aid
12-13  September 2016

Dunnellon, Florida

available weekly with group
or private shorter session

BLS - Healthcare Providers (2 to  4-hour CPR class)
Call 303-688-5176

S. Denver or Boulder, CO

Mon Oct 10 through Wed. Nov 16, 2016

WFR Course / WEMT module
6 weeks Mon / Wed 6 - 10 pm
Gives the med skills for self reliant, active outdoors folk

Golden, CO

Tue Jan 24
through Thu Mar 2, 2017

WFR Course / WEMT module
Tue and Thu 6 to 10 pm Jan 24 for six weeks w/ 3 weekend class selected days
Gives the med skills for self reliant, active outdoors folk

Louisville, CO
(south of Boulder)

Mon Mar 27
through Wed May 3, 2017

WFR Course / WEMT module
6 weeks Mon / Wed 6 - 10 pm
Gives the med skills for self reliant, active outdoors folk

Golden, CO