Hard [Survival] Skills

Personal skills

Hard skills are those skills of our pioneer fathers,
some of which are Olympic sports of today such as:
archery; rifle and shotgun safety and accuracy; pistol safety and competency;
land navigation including map, compass, radio and GPS; camping skills; and man tracking.
WMO instructors often are guides, former Marines, law enforcement , Masters of Leave No Trace, and experienced ambulance personal. WMO’s director is experienced in all of these categories.
These skills including CCW are taught in small groups, as well as individually
at the WMO facility and other locations. All skills can be taught over several sessions.
Various levels of competency are offered. Survival session fees range from approximately $50 to $150 per person per half day, with discounts for groups and/or program packages.

Camp skills can be taught with over night camping;

Develop the mind set of calm, collected and prepared.
Follow the rules of three and carry the 10 essentials.
Clean camping / Detection avoidance / True Leave No Trace
Stay dry, stay warm, scavenge, make fire even on a wet night.
respectfully use not abuse weapons to hunt and protect including CCW if requested.


Pistol Classes - Sessions 3.5 hr+-, Low Key, Positive reinforcement, no stress, Minimum 3 people per session, Private lesson fee negotiable.  Having hunted all your life doesn't make you a gunfighter. You need professional defensive training for everyone in your family.  

Class 1- Concealed Carry pistol - $125  [or $95 prepaid] CCW Safety, threat level assessment white yellow orange red, pre decision mind set, responsibilities, social appropriateness, legal issues, practical issues, pistol types, ammunition types, cover, concealment, different state legal aspects, ways to carry.   Includes legal lecture by police officer. This is a classroom only class and pistols are not allowed in classroom. This class can be taught at your location.

Class 2 - Introduction to  Pistol - $125 [or $95 prepaid] add $20 if not bringing a pistol with box of 20 ammo. First timer or refresher if its been awhile since you have shot or had instruction. It is Not necessary to have a pistol as 2 semi autos and a revolver will be available for your experience of firing 15 rounds with each. You may also bring your own pistol and 20 rounds for specific training with what you have. If you bring your own you will still have the option to shoot one of our pistols with 15 rounds. Instruction will focus on safety, good handling techniques, how to select your pistol, handling a pistol new to you, the unfamiliar pistol and how to be socially safe in handling, what to tell your friends and what not to share. You will learn how to determine what places are reasonable to get more practice besides with us.   Shooting techniques. You will receive discuss and practice Instruction that are focused on basic shooting techniques. We will cover basics such as safety always, grip, stance, sight alignment, breath control and how to hit the target even with an unfamiliar pistol. We will finish with actual cleaning and safe storage. Let us know in advance if you need ear hearing protection and what pistol you are bringing if you have one available. You must have safety glasses available at sporting goods or department stores.

Class 3 -Basic Pistol- $125 [or $95 prepaid] The class is designed for the beginner, novice shooter, or first time handgun owner. This course is very "low key" and is designed with little or no stress on the students.  It is an open atmosphere where we will cover basics such as safety, grip, stance, alignment, breath control, etc. Instruction will focus on basic shooting techniques rather than combat or real world application shooting. The pace is slow and steady as are the drills. Students should bring their pistol, approximately 100 rounds to this course as well as eye and ear protection, and a great attitude!

Class 4 - Defensive Pistol (repeatable) -$125 [or $95 prepaid] $75 each successive time. Many different drills will be incorporated on each successive time including

Safety, Trigger Control, Kentucky windage, Breathing, Reloading, Malfunctions, After Action Drills, Features of your pistol,
Failure to Stop, Timed drills, Door way entry, Off hand, Close quarters, Holstering techniques,

This class is range shooting only, no classroom.  At the end of each session, students will have increased confidence in their skills.  Students will learn about holsters and caring a defensive weapon in public after receiving their CCW or CWP. Students should bring holster or holsters, 100 rounds, 2 magazines or 2 or more speed loaders plus pouch, eye and ear protection. This session is designed to be repeated as you will, increase your skill with each repetition

Class 5 - Firearms Function and Safety  $125 [or $95 prepaid] add $20 if not bringing a pistol with box of 20 ammo. Covers: Rifle, pistol (revolver and semi automatic) and shotgun with 3 shots fired from each.

Pre pay for 2 or more sessions and Save an additional $15 on each class;  two classes  $160, save  $70--- three classes at $240, save $105---- four classes at $320,  Save $180 total. These prices are as of 2011. call WMO office for current pricing.