Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA)

48 hr Advanced Wilderness First Aid distance learning

The Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA) credential is widely recognized. The AWFA is often accepted for professionals and guides. This twelve lesson program combines text books, videos, equipment that is yours to keep, and equipment to be returned, as well as email/telephone contact with an instructor, and student visual feedback through their choice of video-web cam- or photographs. Not a street medicine course, this is heavy improvisational care. This is truly an interactive learning program unique to the industry. Many of the graduates of this have said it was more detailed than other groups WFR class they have taken.

“I work shipboard and treat wounds that may be dirty and contaminated. WMOs wound treatment method is very helpful. I have taken four of your courses and plan to take more. I have taken 3: on line WFA20, AWFA 48hr and pro CPR and liked the way you have upgraded them.”

Larry T. professional at sea 7-2013

Simply put - take this course at your own speed [average for fast students is 3 months] with the assigned instructor over the internet from anywhere at any time will recertify most WFRs or WEMTs as well

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The twelve lessons each representing 4 hours work, are as follows:

Lesson One: Wilderness medicine introduction, medical legal, patient documentation, and rescuer safety
Includes backcountry care books to keep and DVD/video to study and return
Lesson Two: medications, Sanitation, communicable disease prevention, water treatment
Includes chlorine dioxide tabs to keep and DVD/video to study and return
Lesson Three: Basic anatomy, physiology, shock and students choice optional topic
Includes anatomy and physiology book and DVD/video to study and return
Lesson Four: Airway, rescue breathing, CPR and altitude
Includes CPR shield, oral pharyngeal to keep, and DVD/video to study, and practice shield and return
Lesson Five: Sight review, patient assessment, and vital signs
Includes stethoscope, blood cuff and DVD/video to use study and return
Lesson Six: Wound care including burns and blisters, lighten, triage
Includes one wound closure kit, irrigation syringe, gloves to keep, triage tag and DVD/video to study and return
Lesson Seven: Heat, Cold, and Altitude
Includes text to study and keep, and DVD to study and return
Lesson Eight: Allergies and Anaphylaxis with use of EPI
Includes physician protocol letter to keep and DVD and video and EPI trainer to use, study and return
Lesson Nine: Splinting including femur traction
Includes Sam splint, 550 cord and DVD to study and return
Lesson Ten: Bites, Stings, Poisons, and Abdominal
Includes sawyer extractor and DVD to study and return
Lesson Eleven: Diabetic, Seizure, Blisters, Burns, and Chest problems
Includes text to study and DVD to study and return
Lesson Twelve: cervical Spine, Evacuation, Testing, CSID, Disaster Preparedness
Includes special wilderness medicine multi purpose triangle to keep and DVD to study and return

You are keeping over $150 worth of medical items

  • Protocol papers for your Doctor
  • WMO Triangle
  • Sam splint
  • CPR shield and 2 Oral pharyngeal airways
  • Sawyer Extractor
  • Wilderness First Responder Text
  • Back country care pocket book
  • Gloves surgical mask antiseptic wipes 550 cord
  • Wound kits irrigation syringe
  • Clorine dioxide tabs


The cost normally is $445 tuition and $200 books and materials.
Please ask about our first time caller discount.

Student work policy: to more forcefully remind you to keep working and not let your learning go dormant, there is a $50 fee if you go 30 days without submitting work. The course may be voided after 60 days of no work being submitted. This is to give you consequences if you get lax in your work.
Special exceptions for sound cause may be granted by the director.

There is additional information in this Registration document  [ Click for Registration Information PDF format ]