WFA-BSA Information

Scouting and Scouts BSA Guidelines regarding Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training.

We have created a website dedicated to answering your questions on this topic at:

We are asked daily if we can help with a skill instructor in [blank] town and YES WE CAN but we need your help to get you trained in time with the skill instruction listed under details. Read more about the WFA20 Course details.

WFA is required for all Philmont Treks, Northern Tier Canoe Expeditions and Seabase Adventures.

Philmont Treks, Northern Tier expeditions and Seabase now require at least one member per crew to have Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training.  That is, ANY approved WFA training course where the certification is still current (typically 2 years) will qualify.

The change from past years is that the training must now be a Wilderness First Aid course, not simply a First Aid course.

****NEW 2022 enrolled student can ask for  WFA TEXTO ESPAÑOL 
helps  with understanding for English as 2 language students

So, if at least one member of your Philmont Trek, Northern Tier expedition crew or Seabase crew has an approved current Wilderness First Aid certification, you are good to go. If not, you will require training prior to arrival at your trek so check out WMO  and sign up early.

Having TWO trained is far better so the care giver can have care AND the boys [if more than one are injured] can have faster care.

At Wilderness Medicine Outfitters, we offer a Distance Learning, online and blended, WFA 20 Hour Course. You set the time to study! You pick a location and date for the hands on personal training near you! You are no longer tied to a schedule you have little control of.  CPR and AED can be added as an option as well on line with hands on skill instruction from your private or group instructor in your area. We encourage you not to wait until the last minute. Click the link below to get started right away. WMO Distance learning can save your time and money.

There is a list of 12 Schools on the BSA Philmont trek site of which WMO is one of the BSA listed approved schools.