WMO’s Advanced Wilderness First Aid class was impressive and thorough.

I learned much more than in prior basic Wilderness First Aid certification training, and the training and instructional materials provided by Wilderness Medicine Outfitters were engaging and thorough. Pursuing this advanced certification was well worth the effort.
 BRUCE D. PARTINGTON  -Board Certified Construction Attorney & Scout Master- Florida May 2017

The is the class I have wanted! Blended Learning Wilderness Medicine

Hi Carl: I have been studying on and off most of the day.... Helping my partner do stuff in between.... I'm glad I passed the first test, however, I feel very intimidated by this....  I have taken a class in CPR a couple of years ago.. no studying ( here is your certificate )... Taken classes in misc things including first aid and was just a sit and listen.( here is your certificate ) .... Now this class, it's real.... This is what I have wanted all along and it is not just "given"... I am looking forward to more classes, because this is something I can really be proud of..

Steve D.  -Elizabeth, Colorado - Owner Telecommunications Business,  Sept 2016

Private high school First Aid class of 17 teachers
Comments on class taught by Carl Weil;

-The instructors demonstrations with the opportunity to practice these skills was a high point
-The instructor did great job of explaining real life situations in depth
-This was a great course with real life examples. It was definitely worth taking
-This was a great course Very down to earth and engaging at the end of a very long work day
-This was a very thorough class- given the short class time he was allowed to teach.
-You worked to make it a meaningful, practical class with real world examples and props. This has expanded my picture of CPR and 1st aid opportunities and strategies.
-This was a very informative class. I am more aware of what to purchase for a first aid kit, what to do in a crisis and understand my limits.
-The instructor had a wealth of information above and beyond what he was teaching.
-I asked all my questions because I felt comfortable doing so.
- This was one of the clearest trainings I have had, actually- I think it was because you worked at the conceptual level.
-I liked the clunking of information into manageable portions
-It was great
-I asked everything I wanted
-We got to practice with a partner
-I liked the demonstrations
-I liked hand on practice
-I liked the hands on skills demos and in depth first aid details
-I liked how to make an improvised tourniquet

Private School, Colorado Springs, 12-2015

Thank you for teaching a WFR course with such flexibility!

As a single-mom and full time teacher this made a great difference for me.

Jenn V Littleton, CO spring 2015

A physician Scoutmaster review of WMO WFA 20 blended on line learning

I took the course and got far more out of it than I expected. Thank you! I wish you offered a 4 hr longer class that had your advanced blister care that is in your WFR 76 hr course as I treated a lot of blisters at Philmont daily.

Dr. Robert Gish - California physician and Scoutmaster 11-2014

WFA 20 blended online learning

I truly enjoyed your course and your thoughtfulness in details through the videos - it truly helped.  I look forward to my hands on portion with my skill instructor and am fully prepared for the on-hands portion of the course.

Jeff - engineer and Scoutmaster - Houston Texas 6-2014


Carl, WFA 16 hr class

I just wanted to thank you for teaching such a great WFA class. Not only did I gain an incredible amount of useful knowledge for saving lives but I also thought the class was really fun and enjoyable. I feel like I now have a really solid set of tools and knowledge to pull from if ever confronted with a medical emergency. I really loved the wilderness scenarios; it gave us a great opportunity to put all of the information we learned to use in a hands on setting. Thank you for all the work, time, and experience you put into teaching this class.

Dan Marston Engineer and Youth Leader
June 2014

Many saves because I learned WMOs Awareness!

Over a dozen years ago, I was fortunate to have taken WMOs WFR from the man himself, Carl Weil. He was and seems to still be a strict but caring task master teaching not just Wilderness Medicine but many levels of awareness. It’s a real service that folks can now go to WMOs web site and read several articles including those on awareness. My first save was using the Heimlich he taught us saving my daughter after the department store medical staff were unsuccessful. Over the past decade using the “be your own patient advocate”.  I faced emergencies that were “wins” following those teachings for eight more family members and friends. I even had a physician take my suggestion to recheck a patient for a fracture as WMOs signs and symptoms’ were there even though the doc did not think so. I did not even know I was talking to a doc, just a friends husband. He later gave me a nice compliment knowing I meant him no disrespect. If you want a real in depth, outdoor medicine self reliant class versus a fashionable, more traditional structured one then you have got to take WMOs! You will have the chance to learn and think from instructors who are Fellows of the Wilderness Academy and maybe even the only Master Fellow teaching, Carl himself.  Thanks Carl and WMO! (verbiage shortened)

David G., building designer, 2006 WMO WFR grad, raised in and returned to Wyoming  [May 6-2014]

From another Wilderness Medicine school director who we respect

Carl and I have exchanged phone calls and emails for umpteen years but have never met. He has always been kind, straight forward, and honest with me. He put me in touch with a carrier for insurance years ago when the carrier I was using stopped insuring medical instruction. I like and respect him, and look forward to meeting him in person one of these days

Paul Nicolazzo, Director, the Wilderness Medicine Training Center Inc - March 2014

WALS 2014 [3 graduates words of appreciation]

Carl, I just wanted you to know how thoroughly I enjoyed the WALS course last week. It was truly a worthwhile investment of funds, energy and time. The core teaching group (Dave, Mark and you) did an amazing job, augmented by a stellar cast of characters who seemed to materialize at just the right time with cogent information, seasoned with the right level of field experience and delivered with sincerity and humor.

Regards, Wm Fred Baty
Lead Instructor- The Wilderness Medicine Program
Roane State Community College

"Wilderness Advanced Life Support (WALS) course by Wilderness Medicine Outfitters (WMO) provides professional presentations on the occurrence, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a range of backcountry injuries and illnesses. Also included in the five-day course is advanced skills development using high-fidelity manikins. In addition, the human anatomy cadaver laboratory (three sessions) provides rare opportunities in a small class size to achieve new levels of (three-dimensional) insight into the human body’s forms and functions. I recently attended a multi-day course from another national outdoor school and was disappointed with the content. WALS by WMO far exceeded my expectation for detailed content and quality instruction. In my search I found no other advanced wilderness medicine course offered either in the USA or abroad which included instructional sessions in a human cadaver laboratory. WMO’s WALS course is further unique in that they had highly-qualified instructors presenting in their specialty with two Fellows and one Master Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.

I highly recommend the WALS course by WMO for anyone seriously interested in developing their wilderness emergency medicine skills to new heights of competency!"

Gary D. Moore, WFR, WALS, DEMP
Former Deputy Sheriff and Public Safety SCUBA Diver

Hi Carl,
I made it back to Tennessee uneventfully, and I wanted to let you know that the [WALS] courses [sessions] were outstanding. Please my regards give to your senior staff [3 fellows and master anatomist]. I hope to see you soon,
It was a really refreshing course, and it was great to get to know so many fine people.
Hank [ED/Family practice MD]

Blended learning 24 hr Wilderness First Aid professional guide

I'm pleased to have learned so much throughout our course. Thanks also for your patience and correspondence throughout this process. Matt B. [American guide leading trips in India]

I took your WFR class in 2004ish. It sparked an interest in medicine, and now I'm a PA at the ERs of Parker, castle rock, Littleton and Porter. It's a big jump from the software engineer I was when I signed up for your course. 3-2014


STUDENT COMMENTS, updated 2013

Thanks again for offering the distance learning WFA 20 course.  It is a fantastic alternative for those of us who were not able to attend their locally offered BSA Council classes.
Our skill instructor was an awesome, and inspiring mentor to work with.
Happy hiking, Dan Meyer Wisconsin

I want to thank you again for your help in getting me trained for Wilderness First Aid. I had no idea how much useful information I would get by attending this class. David Halfacre is an awesome instructor. Never once was the class boring. He made it fun and practical. I sure wish others in Northeastern PA could have access to the kind of training David provided to me. I definitely will seek you folks out when I need to certify again in two years. Thanks again! 7-2013

Bob Lombardo
Troop 160
Clarks Summit, PA

I work shipboard and treat wounds that may be dirty and contaminated. WMOs wound treatment method is very helpful. I have taken 4 of your courses and plan to take more. I have taken 3 on line WFA20, AWFA 48hr and pro CPR and liked the way you have upgraded them.
Larry Tyler. professional at sea  7-2013

I just worked in West VA 2 days ago utilizing my WFR, WALS [WMO] and FAWM training when the storm tore through the National Speleological Society's convention campground and destroyed about 500 tents, dozens of trees down and cars crunched. About 1,000 people at the convention was effected and I worked with the W VA Emergency Command Center --Incident Command until all was clear.
Jim Thompson, WFR,WALS,FAWM Florida 2012

I am anaphylactic to bee stings. After taking your great WFR class which differed from the previous other companies class by including more knowledge I used some I never heard elsewhere which saved my life. I was stung and administered Adren-a-click and awaited the ambulance. The paramedics took my used autoinjector to turn in to hospital. They had no EPI. I started to get worse with a biphaisic reaction and asked for my adrenaclick back and tore it apart as you showed me, reaching the epi and giving myself a measured dose which lasted until hospital with more epi. The paramedics were startled as they did not know any thing about what I proudly and nervously did.
"Rock Climber" Carolyn WFR 6-2011

And another life saved! July 8 2011
Thank you for the Wilderness Medicine class. I responded to an accident I saw today.
Although I was terrified the cop on scene later told me my knowledge and actions saved the patient.
Danny .Gillum. -  College Dean

And another life saved! April 17-2011

I was on 40 Berthoud pass 4/16 on a ski tour with my dogs. I was parked on the west side of the road at the second creek pullout on the winter park side of the pass. I was standing by my vehicle loading up my dogs up after a fun ski tour and a I herd the truck roll over and crunch behind me. I turned around and a toyota truck rolled over on its side driver’s door now facing the ground. I didn’t think at that time that anybody would need help because of the slow speed rollover, and not much damage to the vehicle. I ran to the vehicle and was first on scene, the vehicle was still running with a single white male about 55 in the vehicle with his seat belt on unconscious and not responsive. Two other people showed up quickly one called 911 and I moved them immediately to securing the scene from any further vehicle incidents, flagging cars to slow down and change to the passing lane. After this was done I climbed up into the vehicle to open the passenger door which was the roof top now. It was locked, people started to show up to help (25 people no one was trained but me) I was able to get a crow bar and screw drivers to remove the back window and used a ski pole to unlock the doors I then commanded 3 fellows  in the crowd 1 to hold the door open and 2 guys dropped into the truck I had them turn off the vehicle and directed one in the front seat one in the back. I tore a bed trap off the back of his vehicle and laid it down to where we might drag him out if needed. The patient was blue now I instructed to check his breathing and pulse there was none. I then knew we needed him out of the vehicle. We then coordinated together to get the man out of the vehicle on the third attempt with great struggle we had him on the tarp outside of the vehicle. ( 20 minutes into) I then went to work opening his airway and positing his neck not to move, he was not breathing. I then did a double take on my thoughts about not having a mask……………………..

I then said out loud that I would not provide any rescue breaths and a women stepped in to provide those. I then checked his pulse again there was none and started CPR. I did not give up for 20 to 25 minutes when I was relieved by EMS. I helped EMS install the AED pads and then stepped back while they took over they shocked him 3 to 4 times with no results. To this point it was 45minutes from time of accident. The patient then all of a sudden started breathing/pulse and EMS then whisked him off to the Granby Medical Center. The man lived thanks to luck, my good timing being there, and to you for the excellent training provided.

Afterward the people that helped had to stick around to make a statement, 2 of the guy’s thanked me for taking control of things and said everything worked out very efficiently due to my commands.

Looking back I was very happy with my performance and glad I was not one of the 25 people that were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Your training was vital to this man being alive today. I was just a Carl Weil’ed tool in the scheme of things.  WOW quite an exciting day yesterday. Thanks Carl!
Doug Owen WMO-WFA, WFR

Feel much more prepared and confident

In the past I have been at several accident scenes and had to wait to be told what to do. Now I feel very prepared to take charge or support others in car givens because of the knowledge he and confidence that was developed in me by WMOs training,
Steve W.  Experienced photographer and snowmobile guide, WFR Jan 2011

Helped me pass! Thanks

I'm not the best test taker, so having the opportunity to write essays to help my grade really helped. It was an opportunity to go back and really grasp wilderness medicine. I was able to retain the information longer than if i had memorized for a test
Jennifer C. 2010

Very enjoyable Amazing experience

I hope life in Colorado is treating you well. I would like to express my gratitude to you for an amazing experience and class. This time round was very enjoyable and I feel the group worked well together. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. After the course Mike and I traveled through Kansas and Oklahoma, then went down south to visit his sister. Thank you again for a wonderful class ans look forward to seeing you in summer 2012!
Danielle and Mike- guides- California, WFR June 2010

Thank you for the continued outstanding job that you do in providing medical training for the sporting and outdoors community.
Several members of my family have taken any number of classes/workshops from Wilderness Medicine. Just over a year ago, I took an additional course and was again reminded that there is always more to learn. My family and I all agree that it does take some work on our parts and is not just a cakewalk. The guidance and patience that Carl and his staff have with the class members is terrific! The end result and feelings of proficiency in a difficult field are well worth the efforts put forth. I have used their small book on many occasions as an invaluable reference and also use one of their first aid kits. It has a great assortment at a great price. At the time of my last workshop, they were preparing heavy trauma kits to donate to GIs on foreign active-duty. Your heart is in the right place and your reasonably priced classes are an excellent value. I will continue to take your classes and refer people to your program.
Thank you for going that extra mile!!! James Garrison March 2010

Air Force Academy WEMT class 4-2010
Awesome people, lots of information tailored to class members and their knowledge. Experience of instructors is top-notch and take time to ensure all understand. You do not have to be an EMT to understand them, they will describe and teach you to understand instead of looking down at you. Great people!
USAF Academy Cadet Adviser Coordinator Ted F., Master Sgt [Iraq veteran]

2nd Time taking Class -- Goes Above and Beyond

I feel strongly that this school goes above and beyond other schools like it. I think the information presented is relevant to anyone who is interested, whether you plan to go back packing or not. I highly recommend Carl Weil / WMO, as well as all of the staff.
I found the WFR class to be amazing, informative and excellent in all areas.
I couldn't recommend it more! Thanks to everyone there and especially Carl.
David M. [using this knowledge as husband and father] Boulder, CO WFR April 20, 2010

pleasure of taking WMO classes

My husband and I took Carl's WFR class and we both loved it. I fell in love with the information and the concepts. I am hooked and will be taking more classes beyond the two I have now completed. (WFR and WALS) I think I would love to teach this to kids like the Boy and Girl Scouts of America groups. It is such empowering information to know what to do in the back country when an ambulance simply isn't around.  THANK YOU Carl and Marc and Steve and all the people involved in making this school a reality. Your methods are sound and your teaching is relevant. This has opened a whole new aspect for me in my life! Thank you guys, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you to the awesome people I have had the pleasure of taking classes with.
Michelle- wife and mother Boulder WFR March 2010

Challenging - Knowledgeable - Helpful

This is my 3rd time working with Wilderness Medicine Outfitters, after several times with other schools. The class is challenging but so is wilderness medicine. The instructors were willing to answer questions and modify curriculum to meet the class needs. The teaching adjuncts (human body models, airway adjuncts, epi pin dummies, etc.) added value to the class. Other instructors I've worked with did not have these props. Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Alan.J.- Senior Mountaineering guide and Instructor- Certified with several organizations WFR Jan 2010

Organized with positive teaching style, easy to follow- Says Chief Guide

Carl Thank for the work and knowledge you and your staff just taught me in our WFR class. I truly think this is a class people in the outdoors should take to improve care and practice first aid skills. I enjoyed your stories and art of teaching. Each class was well organized and easy to follow. Your friendly approach and positive teaching style helped me improve and feel better about the skills I may need to use daily.
WFR 11-09 Matt Woody  Grand Adventure Snowmobile Lead guide.
[Carl says: WMO's structure is fluid like the outdoors]


Carl and crew, I want to thank you for preparing me for my return to backcountry guiding. I feel very confident in giving the best care to anyone. I appreciate all your insight and knowledge and will use it for the rest of my life. I'm already missing going to class and can't wait for the refresher. I've already had four incidents in the week since class end, all minor. I was well prepared and expect to be challenged in the years to come. Looking back at the class I have to say that it was one of the best classes ive attended and will definitely refer you guys to anyone and everyone. Your humble student Sean D - backcountry winter guide WFR 11-09

Life Skills

Thank you for such a great class!!! I learned so much from it. I realized in addition to the medical knowledge
I came away with usefull life skills.
Kindra backcountry winter guide WFR

Naval Captain / MD saves a life with WMO training

My patient was a 29 y/o adventure racer with bee sting allergies nearly ¾ through the event. He was in a two man team and within a mile of base but in thick terrain. He sustained multiple bee stings. His running mate arrived at base describing his buddy as having difficulty breathing, appearing pale/blue, diaphortic, and with urticaria. The patient didn't have his epipen with him. (A lesson he learned well after my debrief with him-always have your epi)
First dose of epipen and prior treatment dramatically improved his situation with pulse ox 94, RR down from mid 20's to 14, and improved color. He continued to improve while we prepped for scoop and swoop to get back to our Aid station Enroute by stretcher, he started to experience recrudescence of SOB with expanding urticaria. I McGyvered the second dose as you had instructed. On arrival to base he had resolved his urticaria except for presence of mild erythema at the wheal sites. RR was 12, 98% sat on room air, no audible wheezing, and overall a happy ending. I attribute this excellent outcome to the information acquired during the "Anaphylaxis in the Back Country" lecture [by Carl Weil] and would recommend this course highly to anyone.
Carls Comment after speaking with good friend JR-We teach for the above life saving opportunity and we forget that these occur when we have a student who complains about the test score they did not like.7-09

WMO = preparedness

"Carl and the Wilderness Medicine Outfitter staff provide the best wilderness medicine training in the industry. They are thorough in their approach and take time to ensure everyone in the group is up to speed before moving on to new topics. Their hands on learning style, combined with decades of practical experience provide the ultimate wilderness medicine experience. I now feel 100 times more prepared for mishaps in the backcountry, or an unforeseen emergency. I give my highest recommendation for the courses taught by Carl and Wilderness Medicine Ouftitters.”

Shawn Hostetter - Katadyn CEO WFA 09

WMO = comprehensive knowledge

Thanks again for the awesome class. After finishing  my WMO's WFA, I went home and read the WFR book of a different well known group and was amazed to find our WMO instructor Carl Weil had covered all the material in that other well known book in more depth than the book and in only 16 hours with a fair bit of time for us to practice skills.
Scout Leader, Minnetonka, MN WFA 06-09

Two Thumbs Up for Wilderness Medicine Outfitters!

Carl,I have thoroughly enjoyed taking your Wilderness First Aid Course. I am thankful to receive my training from someone who has first-hand knowledge and actual in-the-field application of Wilderness Medicine, First Aid, and Patient Care in what can be less than friendly surroundings out in the elements. Your style of instruction and easy going personality allowed me to be able to grasp the course content much easier than if you were a robot and simply read from a book. By providing real-world examples through photo, demonstration and most importantly - personal experience, you have armed me with the basic skills and knowledge I need to lead a group into the back country.

Thank you for all your extra efforts, your attention to detail and obvious dedication to education.
Ron H. Speed Scoutmaster, BSA Troop 330 Chanhassen, Minnesota WFA 09

WMO = Incredible
Wilderness First Responder training with Carl Weil was incredible! Not only did I learn valuable skills that will help me on my adventures but I also had a fabulous time enjoying the quiet and beautiful setting of Elizabeth, Colorado. Carl's knowledge, experience and flexible teaching style made my nine days of training exciting, educational and worthwhile. I'm walking away from this class with a polished set of old skills and a whole new bag of tricks! The class setting and style made a great environment in which I was encouraged, challenged, and was able to create great friendships with my classmates and instructor. As silly as it may be, I'm looking forward to my certification expiring so I can come back and take this class all over again! Thank you Carl and to the other WFR's in the class for making my experience so enjoyable.
Heather Mohr, Honolulu, Hawaii June 2009 WFR
[Yes, she came a distance to take WMO training but not the furthest, that would either be China, south Chile or Hungary]

Depth and Breath of knowledge received!

"I was tremendously impressed by not only the depth and breadth of Carl's experience and professional knowledge, but also by the fact that the information imparted to us was absolutely up-to-date and backed by the latest research.  He ensured that we understood how the knowledge we were acquiring fit into the "real world," and consistently provided alternative approaches to emergencies, depending on equipment available and other circumstances.  His professionalism was exceeded only by his approachability and willingness to be flexible in response to student needs and questions.  I would not hesitate to recommend this class to anyone who is interested in Wilderness First Aid."
Ken Combs retired attorney, Sierra club member, hospices volunteer. WFA CMC Boulder 08

Useful skills!

Carl gave us valuable knowledge and hands on skills that would be use full for a field trip or in the wilderness
TEN Crew [Teaching Environment and Nature] Teachers from  Lajunta, Colorado 08

Dr Says Lab Unique Awesome!

WMO’s Unique WALS  anatomy lab sections were awesome-have not seen that for years & well presented. Dr. David K: AWFA 06, WFR 08, WALS08


Thank you for patiently working with me to complete the WFR course after I did poorly on the final exam. As I referred back through the notes I was amazed at the volume of material covered. Thank you for your support and encouragement to complete the course even with my unusual problems and delays.
"N" Boulder CMC member, professional woman WFR 07 class completed in 08

Should be Required

Should be required for all humans to take- Regan H, rolfer, WFR 08


I believe in being prepared, WMO Medical classes helped me more in this field than any other I have ever heard of
- Dick B, United Captain 72 WFA, 98 WFR, 2006 WALS

I’ve taken first aid classes for 20 years and your wilderness first aid was outstanding—“The Best”— WPA lineman WFA 06

Life Skills

Thanks for the wonderful experience our son [16] received from your wilderness program. Not only did he learn and grow from the WFR training but he also gained knowledge with people , life, responsibility, and perseverance! Steve and Kim  Castle Rock CO 06

Accidents easier to handle

WMOs training has made the accidents I have dealt with much easier to handle. Ed Reed. Insurance safety engineer, Mountaineer, WFR 02, 05

Thanks for training our staff in Wilderness First Aid and going the extra mile to include extra topics!
Tammy Kelm, Program Director YMCA Camp 05

You provide a great program with a tremendous opportunity for learning. In a field that's full of big egos, you and your Staff are a breath of fresh air.
The stuff that really impressed me follows.
1 - The willingness to work with all learning styles and showing great patience in doing so
2 - I never felt preached to. You never claimed to be the expert and always referenced the information
3 - Your willingness to talk in great detail on subjects other WFR organizations skirt over like femur traction
and the transformation of techniques over the decades.
You gave students an appreciation of how flexibility is critical and dogma means bad patient care.
4 - The depth that you go into on wound care. I was glad you offered clear options on when to close
and when not. I was glad you offered closing technique with steri strips as well as staples
5 - Your written resources are very comprehensive.
6 - Your price for the course is one of the best value for the dollar that I have seen in 20 years of  working in this field.
Thanks for a job well done.
Michael A Lyle, Director [20 years]
Greenfield Community College-Outdoor Leadership  Program-Greenfield MA 05

Amazing Programs says College Dean

One of the most amazing programs definitely worth taking-
Danny G., College Dean  WFR, 1999 WEMT 2002, Inst 2004


Having taken many first aid courses and EMT WMO’s WFR/WEMT module is unique in offering useful skills with more advanced medical knowledge than other schools offerings. My brother and I checked out all schools of note and chose WMO to attend. Since we were traveling a far distance on our trip from china we wanted to pick the best-  Mark L. [Stanford med school] WFR 03

WMO WFR becomes MD
When I entered med school with your course as part of my background I did better on rounds than my class mates partly due to the improvisational thinking I learned at WMO- MD Sarah, WFR 01

"life skills"

On a 5 day field trip with high school students to the Four Corners, I put my WMO WFR training into action. A student tripped and hurt their ankle. Using the assessment techniques I learned, I proceeded to bandage and immobilize the patient. The student returned home 4 days later and went to see their doctor. The doctor diagnosed a hairline fracture, and re-bandaged the ankle. The doctor informed the student that the person who first treated them did a good job treating the problem, and that they would not have done anything different.

I consider the skills I learned to be extremely valuable, more or less I now consider them "life skills". The comfort level I have guiding students into the outdoors has been greatly enhanced due to the training I received. I often recommend Wilderness Medicine Outfitters courses to colleagues and students.
Corey Frye,Director,Frontier High School WFR 2000

Should be Required

WFR should be required for all in the outdoors to take- Clyde –editor Climbing magazine: WFR 98


Neat tricks with shared knowledge from experienced instructors- James Burris, Boulder WFR 97

Thanks again, I really enjoyed the class , Rich Lajore-WFR Boulder 96

I now feel more competent to handle emergencies- Julia, architect, WFR 92


One of the most innovative first aid classes- 1989 Brian Wilson, Mountaineer AWFA 88

Helps me be prepared

I believe in being prepared, WMO Medical classes helped me more in this field than any other I have ever heard of- Dick Brinkworth, United Captain 72 WFA, WFR 1997, WFR 2003, WALS 2008