WFA 16 Hr - Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) 16 Hr

This class meets the requirements for camp staff, boy scout leaders and basic guiding needs in many situations. The class is BSA approved for Scout leaders and Camps certified by the ACA. It covers about 1/2 of the true guide Wilderness First Responder class with less depth on those topics covered. If you can only take a 2 day class this is the one. CPR can be added as an option.

WMO is a leader in the Wilderness First Aid field.  Many of WMO WFA instructors are Fellows of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine which is a professional experience level rarely if ever offered by city first aid groups. WMO has the only Master Fellow of the 3,000+ member society who teaches wilderness medicine full time.

WMO offers regular as well as custom WFA classes and certifications  in  Colorado, New Jersey, Carolina north, Carolina south, Flordia,  Montana, Kansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oregon and can hold  classes at your location and even train you to hold WFA in your area


Scope Of Practice -- WMO is one of eight schools who wrote this

This non binding consensus WFA SOP [scope of practice] document was created by 8 schools who practice and teach wilderness first aid. They have designed and taught WFA to tens of thousands of students over three plus decades. It's a description, not a curriculum of what they think a WFA can/should know and do. It is offered as a reference for people interested in learning these skills or those teaching these skills. Organizations/individuals may sign on and make observations, comments and suggested edits to as well as to the other 7 schools.

PDF of Document (need Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Dated Dec 2012 [ Document HERE ]