Your firms Risk Management with Carl Weil

Dear Adventure Business owner:

I have been involved in outfitting since I was a child, as my mother, father and grandfather were guides. Since 1966, I have taught safety, leading to being the director of Wilderness Medicine Outfitters, one of the nation’s leading backcountry medicine schools. National recognition is partly shown by having progressed through the ranks of National Association for Search & Rescue from EMT student to apprentice instructor, to full instructor, to faculty level instructor (one of 6 in the U.S., spring of 1995). I have designed insurance programs for outfitters, mountaineering and climbing gyms for several insurance companies. Since I wrote so many programs I know the intricacies and credits available to help you keep your costs down by reducing exposure. I also do 3 to 6 cases a year as an out door expert wittiness that will give you more safety insight

For the early consultation fee of $325 you will receive numerous forms: including waiver, hold harmless and release, helmet waiver, medical information form, an operations manual guideline, accident / incident report guideline, help in writing your operations manual, a climbing wall guide line, and up to three hours telephone consulting time fine tuning your business plan, lease, safety operations and climbing gym structural and functional considerations. If you check is mailed later than 48 hrs after our initial talk about this service the fee goes up to $400. Depending upon your operation there will be 8 to 30 forms sent to you. You get to prearrange the time to call me when you are ready for our telephone work. As a member of eight different outdoor activity organizations, I can give you broader perspective than you might have and save you not only a lot of information gathering time, but bring information to your attention you might never even know to ask about. My consultant service will probably bring you a more profitable, safer, and easier run business. Very few other consulting services also have the ability to save you money on your insurance needs if you are a large operation, or as your business grows. For an additional fee I can make on-site visits to your location for finer tuning. I am hopeful you will not need my services as an expert witness after an incident but this is available also. The early fine-tuning makes this have more value in court. This work may prevent the actual accidents an dth eneed for my expert wittness services.

Some of the organizations who have benefited from, used, or still use our service and programs include: The American Alpine Club (AAC) [created their rescue / accident insurance program], The Access Fund, Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America (ORCA now OIA), The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA), hundreds of clubs, guide services, schools with experiential programs and climbing walls across America. Both large organizations and smaller proprietors find us helpful.

I look forward to answering your questions, working with and helping you.

Carl Weil, Director
Master Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine
Wilderness Medicine Outfitters
(303) 688-5176