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Mini lessons Group 2 i

online collection of videos, notes and articles. We continually add to this valuable resource. WMO's 2nd set of mini lessons This learning resource was created for and is available only to paid students of WMO courses.

Both groups of mini lessons offer Recertification Credits 

This item can now be purchased separately.



Learn more about Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine

Level 1: Free
Once you have viewed our free video course on this subject, you can further your knowledge and verify it through testing. We suggest you take notes.  While managing anaphylaxis is an easily learned and practiced skill, it is important to learn to do it correctly. The quizzes will show how well you have studied. Of course you should go over what you have learned with your family physician and follow their directions.  Serious mistakes could have life and death consequences for the patient. You must read carefully: example the patient may have an auto injector that does NOT contain Epinephrine but a different drug. You must act within a short time period having read carefully to give best care.

Level 2:

ANA/EPI-review & self test: Second level course
Intended for people who would like more in depth knowledge.
Document and slide presentation with a written test so they know if they are competent.
After studying these two courses, you can test your knowledge on a test with answers explanations until you get 100%.
Once you receive a passing score on the test, you can feel more comfortable that you can better handle an Anaphylaxis Emergency.

Level 2 is for your own knowledge verification and CAN be purchased separately

Level 3 is ONLY available after or with purchasing Level 2. You must have purchased and completed level 2 to be eligible for level 3 which is where the credential is comes from.

Level 3:
ANA/EPI-professional testing & certification: Certification that meets most current state level requirements.
30+ states now have some sort of requirement on EPI delivery by the public.
You must pass a written test of knowledge and visual aspects of actual use to receive a printable certificate and wallet card.

If you buy Level 3 alone you may take test 3, but you must also buy Level 2 to get certificate and card.

You will be granted access to the these courses after fully completing the Student Information Form and the Contract and Release form AND EMAILING THEM TO WMO.

Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Student Information:
[ PDF Version ]  [ DOC version ]

Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Contract & Release:
[ PDF Version ]  [ DOC version ]

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Advanced Wilderness First Aid Distance Learning Course
48 Hours

Price includes $200 Text and Materials Fee

Full AWFA48 Course Description [ Click HERE ]
a course just below the Wilderness First Responder (WFRT)

*With the addition of an EMR O2 and child birth session this also qualifies for an EMR certificate.
As of 2015 we are doing this on an individual beta optional bases. Pages on both topics are in the text and are 
combined with an extra subject test. Call WMO office for more details.


On line Wilderness Medicine distance learning based Instructors course.

While studying at your chosen time at your speed, you save 2 or more days of in person training and get much more out of your in person time with a WMO Instructor Trainer.


CPR on line course - This is a self study self improvement course 

For an additional $10 fee with some on line work with an online instructor
it can include a full CPR credential.
entry code will be sent upon payment.

Student must arrange with WMO for hands-on session upon completion
of online portion for full CPR credential