Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course

There are several ways you can Re-certify your outdated Wilderness First Responder (WFR) with WMO:
the following is  subject to change

WFR Recert on line  Blended WFR recert ! Complete 9  more on line lessons before the on line video conference or in person skill sessions. 
2 years or less since last class  24 hrs - $350
3 years or less since last class  28 hrs - $395
4 years or less since last class  31 hrs - $440
5 years or less since last class  34 hrs- $485 

Prices are based on groups of 3 or more- single student 125$ additional, 2 students 100$ additional each, 3 students $75 each. Prices include prompt sign up  in 48 hrs which SAVES $50@
Talk with WMO Office to arrange  -- blended learning takes work IT is NOT "buy a card"

Bring your friends and adventure partners. As first time students they can earn the AWFA certificate right along with you for $385.
You must score 80% on the written final quiz to recertify. With a lower score you may do essay work with $25 essay fee. One essay required per 3 point bracket below 80%. CPR taken this calendar year required- add on for $15  if you pass CPR written 1st time or $30 if CPR written retest is needed.
This class is convenient because you DO AT  YOUR OWN SPEED. --MOST out side of front range DO ONLINE VIDEO SKILLS.  WMO has higher standards of more knowledge presented. YOU CAN recert beyond 3 years up to 5 yrs!

WFR recert student should complete 2+ lessons per week

WMO Instructor will strive to give reviews 2 per week

NEXT WFA quiz IS to be taken ONLY after last quiz is reviewed with instructor

Required student work must be submitted with each quiz as per instructions on learn site 

Register at Learn.wildernessMedicine.com
Email registration form completed with required sentence written on it  to WMO

All take WFA 20---            quizzes are in lessons 
All will have minimum of 2 zoom skill session   
All will take mini lessons group 1 with quiz
All will take 3 EPI lessons
Under 2 yrs  since last  WFR will select 2 additional lessons with quizzes 
Under 3 yrs  since last  WFR will select 3 additional lessons + mini  group 2 or 3with quizzes  
Under 4 yrs  since last  WFR will select 4 additional lessons + mini  group 2 & 3 with quizzes
Under 5 yrs  since last  WFR will select 5 additional lessons + mini  group 2 & 3 with quizzes 
All quizzes can only be taken once - first quiz can must score 70% - following quiz must score 80% 
LOWER SCORES REQUIRE ESSAYS including correct answer explained & answer location in WMO material 

Keep a notebook of all subject  matter questions as encountered
Email procedural questions to instructor Always include your  phone #
Scores below 80%  as graded by WMO  require Extra work
ONLY answers from WMOs materials are acceptable

2021 is WMO's 54 year, making it the oldest Wilderness Medicine school
Director Carl Weil has been on standards committees since 1994  in wilderness medicine education
WMOs programs all exceed the committee standards of WFA, AWFA & WFR
WMO is the first wilderness school Colorado and nationally [NREMT] approved  in wilderness medicine
WMO has had California training Approval
thru Professional Outdoor Medical Educators,Carl Weil director  
WMO is the 1st Wilderness Medicine school who's director has a Masters degree in Wilderness Medicine

24 hrs attending a 76 hr WMO WFR/WEMT full class  training if within 2 yr period.  Pro rescuer CPR is required. CPR may be included in the 24 hrs.  Pro CPR taken within the previous 6 months is acceptable. CPR is included in most WFR classes. . Passing a written exam is required for all recerts. Recerts are to complete 5 sets of vital signs on class members

The full WALS class plus CPR and written exam will re-certify your WFR/WEMT.  WEMTs must have at least 24 hrs plus CPR.

Books:WFR WMO Text Included down loadable.  WMO Field guide [water proof, tear proof] mailed

The WFR/WEMT recert module book set includes two books:
- Backcountry Medical Care 4th Edition
- WMO WFR/WEMT Text 2019 Edition wilderness emt, wilderness first responder


Most schools WFR grads can recertify
The school you certified with may effect how many hours you will need. All recerts take Advanced airway session, Anaphylaxis session, oxygen session, wound closure session. CPR professional level no more than 6 months old is required.


Copy or verification  of your WFR card..
Emailed Smartphone photos to carl@wildernessmedicine.com

Pro CPR:
If  your Professional 2-person CPR is more than 6 months old, you need a new one. Typically CPR is good for 2 years. You can add CPR as part of these course.