Survival Items

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Hand chainsaw

UST SaberCut Hand Chain Saw. This unique and simplified way to cut through anything is a revolutionary hand-operated chain saw. Cutting in two directions, this saw makes every stroke count and features self-cleaning teeth to keep debris clear from the cutting area and you easily cutting through whatever needs slicing.

Webbing 22 ft x 1 inch

Nylon webbing- tubular
22 feet of 1" wide, 4000 lb test

Possibly the smallest rescue package [1"X 5" coil] you can carry!
With your WMO training and practice, make a 6 person or 4 person emergency litter,
or a 1 or 2 man drag, or an emergency harness.
Tie two together for a 40 ft emergency hand safety line.


Ceramic Sharpener with diamond hone and case


Emergency rescue knife:
1.   glass breaker
2.   sheep foot recur blade
3.   socket set
4.   closed end wrench set
5.   Oxygen regulator key
6.   Rescue Red color
7.   Cordera belt case
8.   Michael Walker liner blade lock

Serated blade


A full SURVIVAL KIT inside a paracord BRACELET.

The patented SURVIVAL CORE© concept is what makes the HERO STRAP a viable survival strap.  Not only do you get all the standard benefits from the common paracord bracelet, but now you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you also have a full survival system you can rely on.  

Who Needs a HERO STRAP?
Every backcountry guide, first responder, hunter, camper, hiker, skier, recreational pilot, mountain biker, boy scout, Soldier, Sailor, Marine & Airmen

See Details for full list of color and sizes.

All-Weather Original Space blanket

All-Weather Original Space blanket

Compass-liquid filled 6 hr luminsent

Compass-liquid filled 6 hr luminsent

KA Bar 3inch locking folding knife

KA Bar 3inch locking folding knife

Magnesium firestarter - large

Magnesium firestarter - large
Magnesium firestarter - small

Mirror Signal Glass USAF

Mirror Signal Glass USAF type
has sighting hole with powdered glass covered screen
not fake grid like so many on market