Survival Items

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WMO Belt pouch Survival Kit w/ spyder co lock blade knife

WMO Belt pouch Survival Kit w/ lock blade knife
photo does not show spyderco which will be substituted for knife in photo

contents of kit:

2 MP1 water purifer tablets
2 aspirin
2 bandaids
2 safety pins
  Spyderco ladybug lock blade knife
flint magnesium steel fire starter
tweezers and case
princton tec pulsar LED light
BZK wipe
cpr shield

WMO survival belt pouch W/KA bar lock blade knife

WMO survival belt pouch
cloth pouch with velcro closure and wide adjustable velcro belt loop
contains: 2 aspirin, 2 water purification MP1 tabs, 2 bandids, 2 safety pins,
liquid filled luminescent compass, whistle, flint-magnesium-steel firestarter,
KA Bar Lockblade knife, gloves, cpr shield, Tweezer, BZK wipe