Distance Learning Classes including AWFA, EPI Administration, Anaphylaxis and more!

Distance Learning Courses offered

- Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA)
- Converting AWFA to WFR

WMO uniquely offers a 3 hour EPI and Anaphylaxis course consisting of training in the innovative epinephrine autoinjector device, Twinject, as well as the older technology EpiPen. Course includes 3 DVDs, 2 trainers, a written exam as well as a protocol on the use of an epinephrine autoinjector for the treatment of anaphylaxis, a form letter to take to your prescribing physician, and a prescription form. This course prepares one to recognize and treat anaphylaxis in the field. Cost is $95.

Student must either have 2 different EPI trainers or receive them from WMO by mail. Student may select an overnight rush service with extra overnight rush fee when available.


WMO Instructors Course

This course shares 47 years of knowledge and the experience of close to 100 instructors on teaching wilderness medicine. There are 4 locations for resource which can be studied at the students own time schedule
There will be a pre-quiz on the material:

1 - Resources on http://wildernessmedicine.com/resource.

2 - Resource Center on the WMO learn site.

3 - Student Resource Center on this WMO learn site.

4 - WFA20 Skill Instructors Area on the WMO learn site. Skill Instructor:

With many single topic short 2 to 4 hour courses.  This online course is new for 2014 having a price of $225. It is followed by a 2 day in person live class followed 2 to 3 mentored live WFA classes the student teaches while being mentored by a senior WMO instructor. Price for the live sessions varies and is some times at no  cost to the instructor candidate. 


WMO offers the following courses. If you have a topic of interest let us know and we can develop it for you!
While these courses have strong, accurate, up to date content, the filming is not "Hollywood" production quality.
1- Backcountry water treatment
2- History of Wilderness Medicine
3- Foot care and boot fitting
4- Medical Legal & Ethics concerns
5- EPI and Anaphylaxis
6- Wound Care (minor and major)
The courses are in the submission process for FAWM credit approval but may not ever be approved
cost ranges from $75 up.