Links - Advanced pistol training

Civilian's focus and goals based on the use of a weapon in a defensive situation. Designed for civilian who chooses to carry or use firearms for self-protection needs. A good place for WMOs: WFA, WFR,  WEMT, WALS to broaden their skills Link

Wilderness Medicine Facebook page

A portal of sharing Wilderness Medicine information. WMOs: WFA, WFR,  WEMT, WALS trained caregivers can send in their questions for the latest information and read about new information in the field of Wilderness Medicine. Link

Medical Education Products for medical providers working in isolated, wilderness, and military environments. Link


TechSpun's "Environmental Sock System" with a guaranteed comfort range of -40F to 120F, do not feel, look, wear or perform like any other sock. Link

California Whitewater Rafting

California Whitewater Rafting is an informational website designed to give rafters the best possible information about rafting in California, including outfitters, lodging, restaurants, directions, and details about popular whitewater runs. Link

Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School, LLC

Learn about nature by developing your primitive skills with shelter, fire, water, and food.
Silver Star, MT 59751 Link

ENGO Foot Care Products

ENGO friction and Blister relief products perfect for  WMOs: WFA, WFR,  WEMT trained caregivers. Link

Wilderness Medical Society

Founded in 1983.

An international non profit medical group serving the medical interests of the outdoor and wilderness community.
Offering annual seminar meetings. WMS hosts the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and the FAWM program
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 990-2988  Link

American Mountain Guides Association

The American Mountain Guides Association, AMGA, is a non-profit association of professional mountain guides working throughout the United States.

AMGA requires the successful completion of a Wilderness First Responders training module in the certification process of all their guides. AMGA recognizes the Wilderness First Responders training module that Wilderness Medicine Outfitter's teaches. Link

Bent Gate Mountaineering

Golden, Colorado Link




The Premiere manufacturer of water filters, water treatments, dehydrated foods and backpacker Optimus line stoves. Perfect equipment for the WFA and WRF trained outdoorsman Link


Poison plant prevention information for the WFA and WFR trained. most importantly this is the treatment. Link