Advanced Wilderness First Aid(AWFA) & EMR

14 lessons on line plus skill packed hrs in person  or by  Zoom sessions-- saves time and money.
On line work at your time, your speed, your location You will earn AWFA and EMR afyer passing exams.
WMO is one of the very few State and National Register Emergency Medical Respond training center.
EMR is now preferred over WFR by many government agencies as EMR has
a national standards certifying body, The NREMT. 

WMOs AWFA is reconsigned and accepted by many as a true guides course.

Call WMO303-688-5176 to sign up

Each of  the 14  online AWFA /EMR lessons build on each other with videos, power points,reading , downloadable WEMT, WFR text, home work and a quiz all on line on each lesson. You will receive an instructor email review on each quiz.  You can  get personal help with topics of special interest to you 

-Combination of in person and on line work for groups. 

WMO’s Advanced Wilderness First Aid class was impressive and thorough. [on line 14 lesson class]
"I learned much more than in prior basic Wilderness First Aid certification training, and the training and instructional materials provided by Wilderness Medicine Outfitters were engaging and thorough. Pursuing this advanced certification was well worth the effort."
BRUCE D. PARTINGTON  -Board Certified Construction Attorney & Scout Master- Florida May 2017


"Saved us time and learned a lot " [On Line lessons plus 2 skill filled days]
East Coast University class of PHD professors  2017

This class covers the handling of medical emergencies when you are away from the 911 emergency response system. It is designed to help you prevent problems. Assessment and treatment techniques are also taught in the event that outdoor backcountry problems do occur. This class is excellent for active outdoor individuals as well as beginning guides, camp counselors, and teachers. Taking this class is a good way to see if you would like to take a 72 hr. Wilderness First Responder class, often taken by skilled outdoor individuals and professional guides who are short of the time for WFR.  AWFA has  the WFR topics with less lecture time yet the student can repeat any section  for greater 
understanding. Skills can be practiced  over and over following the class videos and power points


 * * There are NO prerequisites for this class * * *

Class Size:

Limited to a maximum of 18 students.


for the blended program range from $725 to $585 depending on the number of students. 2Text books, practice and and teaching Material are included.
Different locations may have a location fee. Ask about HOST DISCOUNT

  • An excellent class for: outdoor enthusiasts, self sufficient families, camp counselors or guides.
  • A specialized backcountry first aid training for wilderness and rural long-term transport with emphasis on backcountry mountain activities. Great for disaster preparedness.
  • This class exceeds the requirements for Many State for River and Hunting Guides.
  • Wilderness Medicine Outfitters offers the first Colorado approved Wilderness First Responder Course.


  • Professional Rescuer CPR 2 year may be included as an add on
  • Wilderness Medicine Outfitters AWFA and EMR available


Wilderness First Responders and Wilderness EMT's may recertify with part of this class.

Colorado EMT CEU's approved

In person 2 day Skill Outline [can be expended to 3 or 4 day]

The online class far exceeds the 4 day 35 topics in person class following

35 topics*19 with hands on skills -topics vary to fit class needs
Session 1 -4hrs.                                                              Hour’s                
Introduction                  0.3
Acceptable Rescuer Risk    0.3   
Pt. Exam.*do 1 then groups of 3 do   0.5   
Patient History* sample discussion, do it               0.5   
Meds                   0.3   
Dislocation*lecture, questions, show finger shoulder  0.4   
Leadership      0.2     
Shock P      0.4       
Medical / Legal      0.4          
Communicable Diseases*gloves, passed out put on 0.3   
Anaphylaxis, allergies*lecture q&a autoinj demo use     0.3       
Quiz       0.2

Session 2 -4hr    Q&A  Cold, frostbite, eyes 0.2
Wilderness scenarios*, book, exam kits,  0.75   
Gastrointestinal – go /stay Genitourinary * [exam] 0.25   
Traction femurs splinting* demo    0.8
Movement/Carries* 2man,3man,blanket, board, 2 man 1.0   
First Aid kits*      0.4          
Extrications*         0.4
Quiz       0.2

Session 3 – 4 hr Q&A      Heat   0.25
Quiz       0.25                                             
Toxin, bites, & stings* sawyer    0.5   
Wilderness scenarios*     0.5
Lightning injury* take position    0.25   
Splinting of extremities*demo arm, do  Sam/wood 1.00   
Wound practice,* irrigation, Steri strip, compression, 1.25    
Triangle bandage, tourniquet improve + tk4 P
Session 4 -4hr  Q&A           0.2
Water purification – Sanitation*lect, Q&A Katadyn P 0.3   
Evacuation      0.5   
Oxygen delivery, pulse ox & air ways P           0.5   
Diabetes, Seizure     .25   
Wilderness scenarios*     0.5
Altitude                            0.5
Quiz - wrap up      1.25

P = PowerPoint