Buying Insurance for Outdoor Activities

This service is part of our risk management package. Call 303-688-5176 for help purchasing better value insurance. WMO is a insurance consultant not a agent. Mr. Weil earned the coveted national Insurance Consultant designation.

WMO's senior risk manager has developed Outdoor Insurance programs for 11 Insurance Companies since 1988. Because of this inside knowledge of rates and underwriting WMO can uniquely offer you cost savings through insight to the application process and companies available to your business, often saving you both money and grief from poor policies or companies.
Policy and company review is included in the Risk Management package. The use of this option has even more benefit when used prior to submitting any insurance application as it often prevents a negative entry into your insurance record. WMO can often help guide you to better insurance coverage for less money.
There is no extra fee for this rare service if you purchase our Risk Management Package.
The service alone is available from $100 up.