Forms and Manuals


We can review your forms or help you create one or a complete manual
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Since 1988, we have created many forms for Outdoor Businesses. We can help create one for your unique situation IF we don’t already have it. These are based on the many industry guide lines and hundreds of expert cases involved in as well as thoisads of business reviewed.  Releases, acknowledgments and hold harmless re; Rock-climbing, Climbing gyms, Trail rides , Cattle drives, Wagon trains, Raft or kayak rental, as well as Weather cancellation, Medical histories, Medical protocols are just a sampling of some of what we have available. Your best price is $375 for a prompt service purchase paying within 48 hours of first contact. Later this price goes to $475. This is for a complete review of your business, including manual, insurance, leases and furnishing any of our forms needed in your current business. Individual forms and consulting start at $50. Outdoor ventures with good operation manuals have fewer accidents and rarely need Mr. Weil as a defense expert witness. Spending a small amount on risk management  can save lives and a fortune.

Samples of specialized forms developed and polished over many years

14.  Participant medical history for ______________ activity

15. Climbing wall form


17. Insurance company notification of Incident


25. Media Release

26. Parental Acknowledgement and Release for Minors Wishing to Participate in ________

27. Horse boarding [14]

42 Rafting Guide lines

43. Hiking Guide lines

44. Climbing Guide lines

45. Camping Guide lines