Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine

Level 1: Free
Once you have viewed our free video course on this subject, you can further your knowledge and verify it through testing. Level 2 & 3 give you the full course
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1st a repeatable practice test  then more comprehensive training to help you feel more comfortable handling an Anaphylaxis Emergency.  PLEASE take notes on the Video,PowerPoint and very short text so you can
Pass the comprehensive 2nd take once test for credentialing.
 IF you did not study enough you can still pass with extra written work

This comprehensive training will help you feel more comfortable  handling an Anaphylaxis Emergency.

ANA/EPI-Certification  meets most current state level requirements.
30+ states now have some sort of requirement on EPI delivery by the public.
Using medications requires careful attention to all directions.
Completed forms, photo showing trainer in WMO method and 80%  quizzes gives you  printable certificate and  card.

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