Survival / Essentials Kit w/Space Bag

Survival / Essentials Kit w/Space Bag

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Survival / Essentials Kit
The kit includes all of the following:
Led light on cord by Princeton Tec
Signal Mirror
Small Locking Pocket Knife
Pencil With Duct Tape
12 Feet Of 550 Cord
3x5 Card
Magnesium, Flint, and Steel Fire Starter
2 Large Safety Pins
Compass By Brunton
200FT Waterproof Bag
4 - MP1 water purification tablets
Add on of Space Bag

The Basic gives you 5 of the accepted 10 outdoor emergency essentials Plus 7 more of the "non essential essentials".  By adding the first 3 options for 38$ you have 7 of the 10 essentials and 7 of the nonessentials in a durable handy pouch.  Just add extra food extra water and spare clothing to your pack and you are set for a well prepared outdoors trip.  You are now able to better handle what problems you may encounter.

We suggest you take a survival class as well as a wilderness medicine class so you can use these tools to their maximum benefit.