good folks and trauma kits

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Just had Sheriff Deputy assigned to very large high school stop by.
I watched him and his brothers grow up and taught their parents many classes including WALS over the last decades [our next WALS is March 25-29 / more later]. This time he brought two of his youngers over- so polite and well mannered a pleasure, He and his department in a large population, slow response area, are considering traumatic wound emergency kits. I have built kits like the USMC kit for the past 3 years giving them to peace officers and over 600 GIs in Iraq.
My current content for non combat zones is 1- original Quick Clot[QC], 1- Cinch Tight, 2 vacuum compressed gauze rolls and a Boline chest seal. In combat zones we include a TK4 - more on this later.

Some one always asks is it QC dangerous? Answer [proven] NO
the army did a retrospective study of 118 uses in the military and guess what ?? ALL lived!! YHAAA [ realize my numbers could be a little off as I have these reports verbal only many from pentagon sources]
2 had to have skin grafts-- Why? well having sold and trained the use of QC for 4 years I realize some of those who use it have little idea that they must dry water off before applying. Sort of like hot coffee-- most of us know NOT to pour in our lap. Some professional [docs and medics] are so busy they did not train until recently if at all with QC. For those who are concerned, QC now has several very good versions without the heat aspect -- What about the other hemostatic agents you ask? Good question -- the navy has slaughtered almost 900 hogs by partially cutting their femoral artery and testing what would save them--What is number one?? original QC!! Who do I want to fly my plane ? the best not 5 best etc. What do I carry original QC or recent versions of QC- [yes sell these as do a few others]
number two and three are cooler QC products.


What is a Bolin? A new better version of the Wyoming created asherman chest seal now owned by Rush. What is better the seal, stronger and more glue and 3 valves which have no hx of clogging. You can take the Bolin off and reapply if in wrong spot or reapplying on opposite end of respiration cycle seems needed.


So what will they stock for trauma disasters? I hope 1- original Quick Clot[QC], 1- Cinch Tight, 2 vacuum compressed gauze rolls and a Boline chest seal. Will let you know – after I know -- Carl