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Wound Healing Honey & Fibracol by C. Weil MFAWM

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Wound healing - Here are 2 ways to improve wound healing   by C. Weil MFAWM

A colloidal patch over the counter item [otc] at Amazon $50 for10 or pharmacies maybe $100

The patch Fibracol is laid over the open wound and is “absorbed” creating a matrix that is an aid in faster healing allowing body cells to close up wound faster

Some will use honey for this first step- I used Fibracol not honey.I used the 2”x2” patches when wound was ¾” +- open and then went to honey. Used plain table honey

Honey if the wound is mostly together

History and low cost options to Epipen by Carl Weil, MFAWM

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Polish, American and Japanese scientists all independently pioneered Epinephrine from 1895 to 1896 with extracting it from adrenalin.
In the 1970s, auto injectors were developed for the military for treatment of the effects of chemical warfare.
Sheldon Kaplan first invented the Combo Pen, an auto-injector filled with nerve gas antidote, for the U.S military in the 1970s. He never collected a penny in royalties.


High Altitude Medication -Diamox off Market

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Acclimatization drug available in only generic [Not enough profit?]

YES its ok to buy the generic, its even cheaper!
...basically says the original manufacturer just decided to stop making it, and implies generic acetazolamide would be still be available.

First Responders are required to act in some states

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Care Giving Duty to act

U.S. common law dictates that there is no general duty to act in an emergency, however, at least eleven states have enacted laws requiring citizens or select first responders under specified conditions to assist strangers in peril. Please check the full statute in question for current specifics. These states include:

California, Penal Code § 152.3, observing the commission of crime against 14 yr old or younger shall notify peace officer

EPI Warning 29 Oct 2015 !

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Regarding 10-29-2015  AUVIQ Epi injector batch recall story.  What they did not say is that AUVIQ could only deliver a maxim of a double dose as  AUVIQ only holds 0.6 epi of which the standard dose of 0.3 is supposed to be injected. For the children's unit which is for 66 lbs or less the doe is diluted 50% so it can still use the same mechanism.

BEST way to remove tick

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Fastest as well

Do you really want to;  Burn the tick [and burn yourself] - Pull them off [and leave the head in you to infect] - Cover them in oil so they will borough further into you to escape causing you higher risk of illness. Ticks walk around a while on people before embedding. Some entomology say hours

WMO is environmental dark green

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WMO is conscious of our impact on the environment and our community. We make every effort to incorporate Green practices in all areas of our business and personal life. Our 130 acre preserve has been a conservation easement started in 2002 Here is a list of what we came up with to name a few... and as new ideas arise, we do our best to see if we can incorporate them too!
• We have been off grid since 1984 making our own solar electricity
• We turn down thermostats at night
• Keep thermostats at 60+ when on
• We use no air conditioning.