BEST way to remove tick

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Fastest as well

Do you really want to;  Burn the tick [and burn yourself] - Pull them off [and leave the head in you to infect] - Cover them in oil so they will borough further into you to escape causing you higher risk of illness. Ticks walk around a while on people before embedding. Some entomology say hours
woods men often say an hour or two. Either way check yourself often and get them off your skin before they stick their jaws [3] into you usually in a damp, hairy place such as head, neck, groin, or in your socks. Occasionally they will attach on skin in the open as in this photo.

Here is how to remove the tick in a speedy manner minimizing their opportunity to infect you. Use a straight pin or safety pin which you will more likely have. Clean the pin. I use a BZK wipe.  Some will heat the pin end. Then insert it in the hole where the

ticks head appears to be. DO NOT stab the tick! Your goal is to place the pin in the same hole as the head and gently pull back against the tick and it will POP out. If the tick has fed on you or a previous host they will have blood  in them, so be careful squishing them.