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watch rotor blades

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TWO Lessons- watch rotor blades they droop up to 6  feet! YOU may be injured but have to still give care! read the following story---

July 10 2012

Hiker awaiting help for broken leg ends up rescuing his rescuer

Wed, 2012-05-30 10:56

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Memorial Day 2012
3 generations of Weil veterans celebrating this day
none of us ever mentioned this till this year when it occurred to me
My Father may not be with us next year and life is uncertain for all of us. It then occurred to me 3 generations of service men and all 3 reenlisted as well. All three of us served as Peace officers [all of these are my choice of words] Darce Weil is still serving as a Colorado Peace Officer.
It makes us each thankful to all the other Americans who have served to protect us and our freedoms

Mountaineer Hero

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Ben-Yehuda  gave up his chance at summiting Mt Everest to save a fellow climber --my hat is off to Ben.
Ben follows the choice of an other hero Sir Edmond Hillary who said he would gladly have given up his assent to rescue a climber in distress as well.

Gary Sinise American Hero caring for Americas Heros

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Gary Sinise once again steps up to the plate caring for one of Americas rare, now 4th,  Quadriplegic War survivors US Army Sgt Travis Mills. I had guessed playing the roll of  Lt Dan had an impact on him but I found out he has been a doer for others far before that roll. Garys humanitarian and philanthropic work is vast. He is only the third actor in history to have received the Presidential Citizens Medal. His foundation The Gary Sinise Foundation is a great one to donate through.

Freedom- thanks

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We are only free thanks to our veterans who paid for our freedom with their blood--
Interesting that Veterans day and the Marine Corp Birthday are one day apart-
Unfortunately some who make it home have difficulty fitting back in here at home
- More than 1 in 3 homeless persons are veterans. Tonight, approximately 131,000 veterans will sleep in cardboard boxes, alleys, under bridges, on bus shelter benches. Please help those you can.


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Carl --Have you ever heard of the ACAI Berry? It suppose to be great for weight loss. Let me know.DG
Answer I have been taking 3 to 4 oz for 16 months--over all it is healthy-one of the strong antioxidants but not a noticeable weight loss substance. There are several multi level markets but I found a lower cost yet high percentage is found in NOW brand at vitamin cottage

New Boy Scout WFA required program

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A New Boy Scout of America Wilderness First Aid program was unveiled Aug 1 2009
This completely changes what courses Scout Leaders must take effective March 2010.
For detailed information and how you might be involved visit our new web site You can get a free on line WFA lesson by logging in with your email contact for coming up dates.

Should all WFR students pass?

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WMO's answer is they will Only pass if the are all practically competent! That means they must be able in written testing, practical excessive and scenario testing to give very good care. That is the care WMOs pool of instructors would want to personally receive if in need of help. So what about the student who did not study hard enough to pass a written or just makes bad decisions on a scenario final? School is practice and as such we feel it is a learning experience and mistakes can be remedied in school.

NEW Wilderness First Aid 16 hr industry standards.

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Today, Nov 02 marks a cooperative work smoothly done in the Wilderness Medicine community. This was done from start to finish over 90 days. It appears to be a easily modified living document compared to the Boy Scouts 16 hr WFA which states no change till 2014. Tod Schimelpfenig did the hard work of collecting ideas and coordinating this new standard of "Minimum Guidelines and Scope of Practice" for Wilderness First Aid (WFA). This consensus document involving seven leading wilderness teaching schools shows our willing to promote industry standards.