Wed, 2012-05-30 10:56

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Memorial Day 2012
3 generations of Weil veterans celebrating this day
none of us ever mentioned this till this year when it occurred to me
My Father may not be with us next year and life is uncertain for all of us. It then occurred to me 3 generations of service men and all 3 reenlisted as well. All three of us served as Peace officers [all of these are my choice of words] Darce Weil is still serving as a Colorado Peace Officer.
It makes us each thankful to all the other Americans who have served to protect us and our freedoms

WWII;  B. A. Weil- Captain, US Army- 4th Calvary [reenlisted] Infantry meda -l combat  under fire , Purple Heart, Bronze Star for action behind enemy lines. He was the XO who took surrender of the Japanese in china and still has the surrender sword.
Vietnam era;   Carl Weil-  Lcp, USMC - 155 artillery - FO, Radioman, Rifleman [reenlisted]
Pre Iraq era;  Darce Weil -Sgt. USAF - C130s aircraft support maintenance [reenlisted]