First Responders are required to act in some states

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Care Giving Duty to act

U.S. common law dictates that there is no general duty to act in an emergency, however, at least eleven states have enacted laws requiring citizens or select first responders under specified conditions to assist strangers in peril. Please check the full statute in question for current specifics. These states include:

California, Penal Code § 152.3, observing the commission of crime against 14 yr old or younger shall notify peace officer

Florida, Florida Stat. Ann. ch. 794.027, If one observes the commission of the crime of sexual battery shall, if possible, seek assistance for the victim promptly

Hawaii, Rev. Stat. § 663-1.6, lf knowing that a victim of the crime is suffering from serious physical harm you shall attempt to obtain aid

Massachusetts, Gen. Laws Ann. ch. 268, § 40, ch. 269, § 18 If you know person is a crime victim shall report to authorities if not in danger or peril to himself

Minnesota, Stat. Ann. § 604A.01, A person at the scene of an emergency who knows that another person is exposed to or has suffered grave physical harm shall … give reasonable assistance unless in danger

New Mexico (shall give care If in uniform of emergency care giving service)

Ohio, Rev. Code § 2921.22, Knowledge of a felony shall be … reported to law enforcement authorities

Rhode Island, Stat. §§ 11-1-5.1, 11-56-1, Knowing that another person is exposed to, or has suffered, grave physical harm shall give reasonable assistance if without danger of peril

Vermont, Stat. Ann. tit. 12, § 519, Person who knows that another is exposed to grave physical harm shall shall … give reasonable assistance

Washington, Rev. Code Ann. § 9.69.100(1), Witnessing the actual commission or planned commission of a violent offense shall attempt to notify law enforcement, medical assistance

Wisconsin, Wis. Stat. Ann. § 940.34, Statute that requires individuals present at a crime scene to report the incident or assist the victim, unless the crime was already reported or it would be dangerous to assist the victim.