FDA denies & postpones easy EPI delivery

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Sept. 19, 2023
The FDA rejected  approval of an epinephrine nasal spray device similar to Narcan that would have been the first needle-free alternative to epinephrine auto injectors. FDA advisory committee voted  in May to  approve  the  nasal delivery spray.  The FDA usually  approves drugs recommended by its committees.  This would have greatly reduced the cost and taken away the "sting" of injections.  In essence this was a great improvement over long time used EPI  Pristine  Mist.

update9-24-23 cw

Company that produced primitiae  did not   reply to  fda request for exact%content of epi. I spoke  with company when they allowed product to go  off market.Therewere no published cases of failure to stop anaphylaxis  episodes on the internet then  or now

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