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An Aleana markley [?] just left a misleading water filter sales comment on an earlier article of mine about a company whose sales site is for house hold water systems and water softener NOT about outdoor camping systems.
 I have left the blog comments here as a reminder that There are a number of "promise the moon" or "free lunch" or just misinformation even if unintentional filters on the UK market none of whom have ever answered the following questions in a factual manner for me. Any one who says "removes all impurities" is not talking current technology and packable and they are mis informed. The closest to this is the epa registered "My Bottle" by Katadyn which does remove protozoa, bacteria and deactivates [not removal] virsus.

Ask the next unknown, misinformed or gimmicky water filter sales man/company these questions--

Do you sell a portable water filter? How big is it?
Answer; Should be size of 1 liter not 5 gallon bucket]
Is the maker of size and stability to be around to sell you replacement parts?
Answer; New players leave soon - leaving you without parts to keep your filter functioning]
What independent lab has tested it to what national standard?
Answer; Dr. Gerber aka Dr. Germ from Arizona  university  is the recognized independent water expert.
What national organization has accepted that testing and listed it as standard passed?
Answer; The USA EPA is a good source
What is the tested life of the filter, its tested pore size and by whom?
Answer; Many companies use monster  unrealistic numbers. Katadyn and MSR both actually test their units. Katadyn then down grades the numbers to very solid realistic numbers

This is not only a UK issue but a USA one. Very few USA sites answer these questions. Two pleasantly notable positive exceptions are Katadyn and MSR
Drink safe water! Stay healthy! Enjoy the great outdoors!
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