Are Scholarships available?

Yes!  $75 scholarship(s) are given at least once a year or more if funds allow in remembrance of:
Lilly Bell Fox Weil (1892-1956) - A humanitarian and a Texan who always had a kind and helping hand for those who needed help.

Don McIntyre (1942-1997) - Mountain guide, retired military, and diplomat who was a giver and was a friend to family, country, and friends.  Don was a friend and graduate of WMO.

Sgt. Hugh W. Purdy (1923-1976) - Colorado State Patrol, public care giver, Hero Killed in the line of duty, while off-duty saving 100's of lives in the Big Thompson Flood.

To Apply: Work study and loans can be arranged over the phone, but require a written confirmation of the agreement from the student before activated.

Scholarships require a written request before consideration.  Students applying for a scholarship should present a well-written letter demonstrating financial need, merit, past and planed future care of others. These are meant for those who "engage in direct care giving efforts"