What are the hours of the 9-day classes?

Usually 8am - 6pm Saturday through the following Sunday.The first day starts 1/2 hour earlier at 7:30am as do evening sessions first night at 5:30 vs 6 pm.  Most classes get out between 2pm and 4pm Wednesday afternoon. Still a total of 76 Hrs.

Directions to Elizabeth Driving Directions

East on highway 86 from Franktown to Elizabeth. Turn right (south) at 1st traffic light, which is Elizabeth Street (Safeway center on corner). Go to end of this street and turn left. Go to 4 way stop sign and turn right (south). Go to T intersection and turn right (west); go up and over the hill then down across a small valley. Start up 2nd hill and turn right into driveway marked "C Weil."