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WMO Trauma Kit
- Cinch tight
- Hemostatic combat gauze
- Compressed gauze
- Nitril gloves
- Zip heavy plastic bag


WMO Medic trauma kit

1 - hemostatic gauze
1 - compression bandage
2 - heavily compressed gauze rolls
1 - large area [chest or leg] wound seal
1 - lung puncture valve [bolin new version]
1 - tourniquet

Available with case or without case:

Case colors will vary from black to military patterns

1 - cordura style med kit case


WMO Comprehensive Dental Kit
50 pieces
Dental Floss
Dental Picks
Irrigation Tips 2 styles
2 Syringe - 2 needles
Chlorine Dioxide Tablets
Cotton Roll Packs
Cavity/Filling Replacement
Crown/Cap cement
Mixing Tool
nitril gloves
kelley hemostat
dental wax
Oil of clove/Eugenol-tooth pain reliever
Rincinol-gum pain reliever
root cancel file and brochettes
scapel blade

Advanced Rescue case - Lumbar

Advanced Rescue case - Lumbar out of stock
replaced with Military M3 bag 34$ follow instructions to buy as special purchase


Advanced First Aid kit - case only.

We have just the case we use for our Advanced First Aid

First Aid Case - cordura - medium

First Aid Case - nylon - medium

First Aid Case - cordura - small

First Aid Case - nylon - small

Close out Advanced First Aid Kit

Close out Advanced First Aid Kit
Was: $175.00  You Save $75.00


Heavy Trauma Kit
limited numbers available
packed in simple plastic bag
1 EA QuikClot
2 EA "H-Bandage" just the best compression bandage made
2 EA Pri-Med Bandage
2 EA  TK4 -Tourni-Kwik

USMC IFAK Combat Medical Kit in zippered freezer bag

Minor First Aid Kit -6545-01-539-2737
10 EA Bandage Adhesive 3/4 X 3"
1 EA Dressing Burn 4" X 16" Exp 04/2012
1 EA Providone Iodine Solution Exp 07/2009
1 EA  Micropur Prurification Tablet - MK1 Exp 09/2012
2 EA Bandage Triangular 40 X 40 X 56
5 EA Bandage Adhesive 2" X 4"
8 EA Bacitracin Antibiotic Ointment Exp 08/2010
1 EA Combat Medic Tape 2" X 100"