WFA20 Blended Learning Course Description

Thanks again for offering the blended learning WFA 20 course.  It is a fantastic alternative for those of us who were not able to attend their locally offered BSA Council classes.
Our skill instructor was an awesome, and inspiring mentor to work with.
Happy hiking, Dan Meyer Wisconsin


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WMO blended learning course offers Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification.
Students receive online self pacing studies and instructor guided personal review and hands on skills.

SKILL INSTRUCTION arranged near you or by internet video with WMO office during lesson 1.

It is important to find a skill instructor candidate if one is not in your area FROM US upon registering and NOT WAIT until the last minute! You may elect to only do the online portion. There is no discount or refund if you do not complete. WMO will assist in finding a skill instructor video session for you.

Student receives four online video lessons with: supplemental material, powerpoint slides, quizzes, downloadable 76 pg text, waterproof tear resistant 48pg field guide

Lessons allow you to repeat all section. Lessons have an average 3 to 4 hr length.

Price includes ½ day personal instructor guided hands on session talk with us to arrange the skill session

Regarding the hands on session: We will even give 4 hrs free training to an outdoors oriented Doc, Nurse, Paramedic or EMT you may know and want to work with

We will send you needed training supplies

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1. Introduction
 Acceptable Risk
 Medical / Legal, meds
 Water purification, basic field sanitation
 Communicable Diseases
 Patient Assessment Patient History / Pt. Exam.
 First aid kits
Reading and quiz
2. Medical
Stroke, Diabetes
Lightning injury
Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation CPR - BLS
Toxin, bites, stings, allergies and anaphylaxis
Gastrointestinal – Genitourinary
Ear -insects, infection -eye, impaled -nose, bleed -throat, swollen, infection
Altitude illness
Reading and quiz

3. Muscular-skeletal
Spine, Spine stabilization, concussion
Splinting of extremities
Muscular-skeletal, Sprains, strains, Fractures, dislocations
Traction splinting
Care giving scenarios preparation, Wilderness scenario discussion
Evacuation Considerations
Reading and quiz

4.  Environmental
Hypothermia / cold injuries frost bite, snow-blind
Hyperthermia / heat injuries, cramps, exhaustion, stroke
Burns & Blisters
Triangle bandage practice
Lifting - Moving, Litter Packaging, Carries
Reading and final quiz with details to go to Skills session day

4a. [Options]  CPR online blended certification $25 paypal to or mailed check
free 30 mini lessons giving broader knowledge at no charge

5. Hands on guided Skill Practice Session
Activity breakdown average:
Wilderness scenario pt exam, pt history 1hr
Splinting: ankle, arm – femur traction   3/4hr
Lifting - Moving, Litter intro  1/2hr
Carries 1/4hr
Triangle bandage practice  1/4hr
EPI auto practice   1/4hr
Wound cleaning and closure  1/2hr
optional CPR practice testing  1/2hr

Student receives great knowledge and 20 hr. WFA Certification on successful course completion
CPR optional Certification

Students will receive at skill session [based on supply availability, but price included when available]:
1. 3 Nitril Gloves
2. Back Country Care Book
3. Water treatment mp1 tablets
4. Antiseptic wipes bzk
5. Training wound closure kit
6. real wound closure kit
7. CPR Shield

System Requirements:
- High Speed internet connection for streaming videos.
- Adobe Reader for PDF files.
- Headphones or computer audio speakers required.

The course videos contain audio with no closed captioning (CC) available at this t

How to get Started

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