whats been happening and a WMO teaching tip

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We are working on a new WMO course more on that latter and have just finished the majority of work.
We had a 35' Pine tree [75yrs?]with beetle killed that Patrick C and Bob W helped me cut down today -- It was tooo close to the shop building for comfort so It was a relief when it came down and missed the building..,inches :)

A side note this is WMO's 25 year off the power grid [mostly active as well as passive solar]
We are a conservation land trust [project started 10 years ago]yes all 130 acres.
We recycle metal, glass, cardboard, and the hard one plastic which ha sto be hauled 25 miles.

As to a teaching tip and a recycle tip. When teaching suturing [as well do in our WFR,WEMT, WALS classes] we use soft plastic trays to work on. I have learned black meat trays are not good as they make the black thread too hard to see. The best are the blue seafood trays from the fish dept in the grocery store a store give good visual contrast. White ones also fish or, heaven forbid, bakery [unhealthy good tasting sugar fat food]are a second choice