What might you want in a comprehensive dental kit?

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I just put together a comprehensive foreign travel kit for 30 + folks going to the Ukraine. What would you guess is the least thought of in prolonged transport care? You would be on the same page as me if you said Dental. Having traveled to 5 of the continents and many 2 and 3 world countries, the thought of dental emergencies is disturbing. Because of that we offer a short dental emergency course in our Wildness Advanced Life Support course. Still one needs the tools to give care. Here is a kit list you can copy and working with a good dentist learn to use. Feel free to ask about the contents.
WMO Comprehensive Dental Kit
33 pieces
Mirror, Explorer
Dental Floss, Dental Picks
Irrigation Tips, 2 styles,Syringe
Chlorine Dioxide Tablets,Cotton Roll Packs
Gauze,Cavit/Filling Replacement
Crown/Cap cement,Mixing Tool
Oil of clove/Eugenol-tooth pain reliever
Rincinol-gum pain reliever
root cancel file and brochettes
scapel blade