NEW Wilderness First Aid 16 hr industry standards.

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Today, Nov 02 marks a cooperative work smoothly done in the Wilderness Medicine community. This was done from start to finish over 90 days. It appears to be a easily modified living document compared to the Boy Scouts 16 hr WFA which states no change till 2014. Tod Schimelpfenig did the hard work of collecting ideas and coordinating this new standard of "Minimum Guidelines and Scope of Practice" for Wilderness First Aid (WFA). This consensus document involving seven leading wilderness teaching schools shows our willing to promote industry standards. WMO is pleased to be not just one of the seven but to have contributed actual lines of content to this project. This is the third of this type of industry project for me wnd WMO. The first two were: the 1999 Wilderness Medicine Society [WMS] minimum WFR 68 hour standards and the WMS Wilderness first Aid teaching program turned over to National Safety Council now run by Emergency Care and Safety Institute. You may read this new minimum standard on WMO s web site under classes/ 16 hr WFA SOP.(PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). The link is [ Click HERE ]