Should all WFR students pass?

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WMO's answer is they will Only pass if the are all practically competent! That means they must be able in written testing, practical excessive and scenario testing to give very good care. That is the care WMOs pool of instructors would want to personally receive if in need of help. So what about the student who did not study hard enough to pass a written or just makes bad decisions on a scenario final? School is practice and as such we feel it is a learning experience and mistakes can be remedied in school. The student is given topics to review from their class work and write essays on that are discussed with an instructor and polished until well done. This year we had 8 out of hundreds who were not proficient at class end. often this is because the student does not really study which includes written work. The written work of all 8 was substandard and when reviewed clearly did not follow the guidelines given. Two of the eight were current college students who chose not to do the work as instructed and did not pass.Two were college graduates, one of whom just never turned the work in even though he was so close to passing. The other, a first primary year teacher, felt they knew it and should not have to prove and promised to bad mouth WMO if we did not pass her- we did not pass her. Of the four of eight that started their work two were the least school educated and worked most on it. One of them, barely a high school grad worked and worked until he actually not only learned data but showed in his essays [16 pages]practical use of it. He earned the certificate and was awarded it with my congratulations.
WMO wants all to pass and our instructors work hard to make that happen but the student must do the work and walk the walk on their own as they will be in the emergency on their own.