Treating Water

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I had the good fortune to give a lecture to students at East Tennessee State University Medical School where I was asked about an old process "forward osmosis".  I just read up on it and found this out about the most known product, Eastman's Hydro Pack

1-one time use only
2-makes only a sugared product sorta of like coolaid-- the "bag"is heavy- should not be used by diabetics as it works using sugar as the osmotic agent
3 - works well in a disaster but is a 1 shot disaster product ----does not appear useful for other uses
4- has been around a long time

If you have plenty of fuel bring water to a boil regardless of the elevation which kills all problems of protozoan, bacteria and virus.  Using Katadyn's MP1 tablets - 1 per liter- 15 minutes in clear not nearly freezing water or 4 hrs in horrible bad cold black water is a top product click here for mp1

Remember iodine does not kill Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Those protozoans can be filtered and then the remaining viruses treated as in the EPA approved Katadyn My bottle from WMO store