Awareness and common sense

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Common sense
The uncommon choice ignored by people who ignore much of life’s details.
A few people are always in tune with these choices and don’t even think about them.
Most people never see them or think about such possibilities. Often it just doesn’t matter that the person is oblivious to the world around them. Sometimes it does and someone dies or is injured.
Take the example of folks driving at the 75 mph speed limit on the riverside freeway Calif in the 1960s.
Often a fog bank would appear and usually no problems as everyone slowed down and passed through the fog without incident. Several times in that time and place collisions of between 100 and 200 cars occurred because folks were not watching simultaneously for brake lights ahead and the obscuring fog in the distance. Many missed the wrecks because they watched ahead and behind so someone did not run into them as they rapidly slowed and moved over while traveling to the shoulder.
How about the test questions you missed because you read fast, full of confidence and missed what was asked even though you “knew“ the correct answer? What about the instructions you never read or never reread?
Ever have that small almost nonexistent feeling to do or not to do something and you ignored and had a problem, usually minor?
What about changing lanes or going through an intersection? Are you double checking for problems and avoiding them or just trusting in blind luck?
Anyone ever spilled something on you in a restaurant? Were you sitting with your back to the isle or to the wall?
Do you know where the exits are as well as who the people are around you?
Literally are you in the line of fire or in case of fire can you leave avoiding the panicked mob and yet help others out?
Does this mean those using common sense worry about everything? No they just live life fully more aware in charge somewhat more of their own life.
What would you add to this line of thoughts? What changes in awareness will you make? Do you listen for your inner voice?
Where is your back? How much of the world around you do you see?
Do you chose to be prepared for some probable but unusual occurrences? Gloves and a cpr shield always with you ? I carry those plus 11 other items often used, daily.