Critical WATER safety news and more

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Critical WATER safety news
A relatively newly recognized Mexican water born bacteria called Trachoma causes blindness if unfiltered. Kudos to Katadyn of North America who has helped the children of Mexico by donating over one half million ceramic water filter elements to prevent this blindness.
Katadyn has put clean water to help where help is needed as a mission around the world: supplying Drip filters used to combat diarrhea in Thailand, supporting schools and hospitals in Senegal, Supporting the Kichwa Indians in Ecuador, Over 1/2 million liters treated water in Haiti, Nature conservation in Luambe National Park, Zambia, Protecting the Samoan Rainforest , Drinking water for schools, Obang, Cameroon, The Kulina and the Kanamari of the Amazon as well as schools in Switzerland and the USA.
There is a new water tablet BUT the water MUST first be filtered BEFORE USE like the ultraviolet devices
Aqua tab from msr will not kill all Crypto and Giardia so you MUST filter the water before using as it is bleach not like MP1 which does not have to be filtered as it is a stand alone product of chlorine dioxide