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Individual Items


Laryngeal mask airway ( L M A )

Nasopharyngeal Airway set

Nasopharyngeal Airway set


Nitril Exam gloves (qty 6)

O2 includes C-cyl regulator and accessories

O2 includes C-cyl, regulator and accessories  call for curret pricing which depends on tank size

Opsites Occlusive Bandage -large

"Opsites" [may be different brand] semipermeable bio occlusive dressing

2 3/8" X 2 3/4" small size

4" X 5" large size

Oral Airway set of 2

Oral Airway set of 2

Pulse Oximeter - Grey

Pulse Oximeter - top medical grade  1 color display screen

Fingertip measurement of Sp02% (Oxygen Saturation) and pulse rate. LED display screen. Low power consumption with auto shut-off feature. Up to 30 hours of continuous use. Lightweight and compact design.

This has the high accuracy of more expensive models. Comes with Two AAA batteries, soft silicone protective case and lanyard  choice of color from current stock.

Available colors: white, pink, purple or grey

MSRP: $49.75

QuikClot gauze

Quik Clot combat gauze -

green pack granules no longer available

Reusable Heat Pack

Reusable Heat Pack

SAM Splint - clone

SAM Splint - original

SAM Splint - clone IS AVAILABLE

X-Large SAM splint is 5.5 inches x 36 inches.