PLB / SPOT for wilderness use

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A reader asked about PLBs.
The SPOT device seems to me to be the best with all wilderness issues
considered. I have worked with several SPOTS since they came out. The real deal is that one has to preplanned what is to be done IF the emergency button is pushed-- Who will be notified? What are they suppose to do? Have you up dated this info? The cost is low $150 and the annual is low. A cheap device for the back country with long delayed wilderness medical help.


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have been out teaching our annual, highly successful, Wilderness Advanced Life support class. More on this soon. This week was a lot of catch up work requiring a lot of typing
LOL --I had a lot of misspelled words that seemed correct and now i find I have been unknowingly using a French dictionary- whee just got English back !!

more on lightning

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yes Schrund in you comment on my march 10 post---Colorado and Florida are usually the high point on the chart re this phenomena. To the best of my knowledge no one really knows how many strikes of a none fatal nature occur. I once attended a lecture on lightning and was able to ask the crowd of around 80 how many of them had been struck. Turns out over half including my self were survivors who had been struck with no apparent ill effects which of course do happen on occasion to survivors.


a breather and lightning info

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Have been teaching at a fast pace
had a wilderness medicine class student from an other instructor, email me to tell them about the field of WM- I am happy to help folks learn but it is a lot easier to give a phone interview than write a " paper " for them
Here is one I did write on lightning

Wilderness Medicine Outfitters Tips on Lightning Strikes

Lightning can be a significant risk for travelers in the backcountry. As with any risk in the outdoors, prevention is the most important factor. If you are traveling in lightning prone areas, keep in mind these tips

good folks and trauma kits

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Just had Sheriff Deputy assigned to very large high school stop by.
I watched him and his brothers grow up and taught their parents many classes including WALS over the last decades [our next WALS is March 25-29 / more later]. This time he brought two of his youngers over- so polite and well mannered a pleasure, He and his department in a large population, slow response area, are considering traumatic wound emergency kits. I have built kits like the USMC kit for the past 3 years giving them to peace officers and over 600 GIs in Iraq.