Vaccine for travelers diarrhea with Carl's reminders

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Cholera and travelers' diarrhea are now less likely with a non us approved but world accepted oral vaccine.
The Vaccine prevents travelers' diarrhea caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) and cholera in adults and children 2 years of age and older. It is recommended for people traveling to areas with a high risk of cholera or travelers' diarrhea.

I want you to be very aware that one must still be cautious not to become contaminated with dirty water or spoiled food or
other unclean practices leading to exposure for diarrhea as prevention is still important.

Two more choices of EPI auto injectors on the USA market!

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In January 2012 there was only the orange and blue end caps EPIPEN for the deadly condition of anaphylaxis . It is estimated that one to two % of the USA is subject to this potentially fatal condition. Several studies have shown that 18% to 37% of people experiencing anaphylaxis will need a second Epinephrine dose within five to ten minutes to prevent sever complications and possibly death.  These studies have lead to the number of one out of three episodes needing a second dose or being called “bi aphasic”.

NEW Wilderness Industry 16 hr WFA SOP being unveiled

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After a 3 year working by several established wilderness medicine school there is a consensus  16 hr WFA SOP that many schools and out door groups are signing on to. We will be posting this newest version soon. If you would like your group to be seen as a signer of this new standard Please promptly contact me for more details today Jan 3 or tomorrow.Sincerely,
Carl Weil, Director
Wilderness Medicine Outfitters
Master Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine
2477 co rd 132
Elizabeth , CO 80107

Next disaster and you want to get home!

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So lets make this real simple here comes another disaster not as big as Katrina or Sandy may be like the tornadoes that took out dozen of smaller midwest towns in the last few years. What if the roads or freeways had a lot of accidents as well and your car was trapped in one of those? Or the roads around where you work are closed? Want to get home or at least some place friendly and safer? Out of the riot? Do you have the following in place? Sure this is easy and cheap to build now - IMPOSSIBLE to build then!!!!

Awareness and common sense

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Common sense
The uncommon choice ignored by people who ignore much of life’s details.
A few people are always in tune with these choices and don’t even think about them.
Most people never see them or think about such possibilities. Often it just doesn’t matter that the person is oblivious to the world around them. Sometimes it does and someone dies or is injured.
Take the example of folks driving at the 75 mph speed limit on the riverside freeway Calif in the 1960s.

Treating Water

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I had the good fortune to give a lecture to students at East Tennessee State University Medical School where I was asked about an old process "forward osmosis".  I just read up on it and found this out about the most known product, Eastman's Hydro Pack