Should all WFR students pass?

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WMO's answer is they will Only pass if the are all practically competent! That means they must be able in written testing, practical excessive and scenario testing to give very good care. That is the care WMOs pool of instructors would want to personally receive if in need of help. So what about the student who did not study hard enough to pass a written or just makes bad decisions on a scenario final? School is practice and as such we feel it is a learning experience and mistakes can be remedied in school.

NEW Wilderness First Aid 16 hr industry standards.

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Today, Nov 02 marks a cooperative work smoothly done in the Wilderness Medicine community. This was done from start to finish over 90 days. It appears to be a easily modified living document compared to the Boy Scouts 16 hr WFA which states no change till 2014. Tod Schimelpfenig did the hard work of collecting ideas and coordinating this new standard of "Minimum Guidelines and Scope of Practice" for Wilderness First Aid (WFA). This consensus document involving seven leading wilderness teaching schools shows our willing to promote industry standards.

Passing of a great gentleman- Doctor Charlie Houston

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Today I was saddened to learn of the passing of a great man. I was privileged to have contact with Doctor Charlie. He was a gentleman of the old school and one of the finest kind considerate humans I have known. Ironically I have a book waiting for his signature, something he often did for me with great courtesy. One year he sent a journal from his Banff conference unasked for on my part. When his 5th edition going higher book camp out I once again called him and he graciously spent a lot of time on the phone talking about teaching high altitude with me.

last 90 days

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Just back from teaching a hunting guide course in the Rahaw Wilderness west of Ft Collins, Colorado -- saw moose and deer even though it is archery season. The colors in the Laramie river valley were just starting to turn. Stayed at a great guest ranch and enjoyed the weather. Took the long way with 80C back to Ft Collins- gorgeous!

We have been over busy here at WMO as I have taught 12 classes my self with other of WMO staff over the last 90 days.
Up coming WFR classes are Golden Colo OCT tue and thur evenings and Eastern Penn 9 days in two sessions Jan 2010


What might you want in a comprehensive dental kit?

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I just put together a comprehensive foreign travel kit for 30 + folks going to the Ukraine. What would you guess is the least thought of in prolonged transport care? You would be on the same page as me if you said Dental. Having traveled to 5 of the continents and many 2 and 3 world countries, the thought of dental emergencies is disturbing. Because of that we offer a short dental emergency course in our Wildness Advanced Life Support course. Still one needs the tools to give care. Here is a kit list you can copy and working with a good dentist learn to use.

Saving lives and being prepared

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just finished teaching 2 classes our Elizabeth location 9 day WFR/WEMT module and a 3 day class for Scout leaders in Minnesota. Both had great folk and in spite of a sprained knee [ medial collateral ligament]. As usual folks in the Elizabeth class came from all over - furthest distance was Hawaii! All are now better prepared to handle what comes. You can see their comments at

Great site for those planning a trip out of the USA

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One of our distance learning students just found and sent me this UK Medical Travel
It is very impressive and appears very up to date.
Carls WMO Simple Travel Health guide lines
-Be wise, immunize
-Always drink purified bottled water or treat with
boiling, bleach or better yet chlorine dioxide
-If you must eat fruit wash it in bleach and peel it your own with washed hands
-Never eat fruit others have peeled for you

Cost of Freedom

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While we care givers [wilderness "medics" of all levels]think of patients and sharpening our skills, hopefully on this special weekend we will remember and thank those who served and gave their all, being ever mindful and supportive of those still serving and in harms way. WMO gives scholarships to all veterans in need who wish to learn care giving wilderness skills as a way of being mindful and great full. We also still give Heavy Trauma Kits [like the Marine Corps IFAC]to any requesting GI in combat zone, at no cost if needed, to those who wish to be better prepared.

whats been happening and a WMO teaching tip

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We are working on a new WMO course more on that latter and have just finished the majority of work.
We had a 35' Pine tree [75yrs?]with beetle killed that Patrick C and Bob W helped me cut down today -- It was tooo close to the shop building for comfort so It was a relief when it came down and missed the building..,inches :)